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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Structured, Interactive Study Sessions

With Supplemental Instruction (SI), you integrate “how to learn” with “what to learn.” SI sessions are held twice a week throughout the semester and sometimes include extra review sessions for big exams.

Your SI Leader will be a student who has successfully passed the course. The leader’s job is to attend class with you, then prepare games and activities for the SI to help you learn.

If you are in a challenging course, listen for in-class announcements or ask your professor if SI support is available.

Supplemental Instruction is unique

SI leaders tailor sessions for a specific course and instructor. Anyone enrolled in the supported course, no matter how confident or confused, is invited to attend SI. Learning, reviewing, and preparing for tests happens in a structured yet relaxed environment.

Supplemental Instruction is active

In SI sessions, students work together to clarify concepts, compare notes, and develop strategies for studying. SI is the place for you to ask questions, review readings and homework, and prepare study tools. You are not alone; someone who knows how to succeed in the course will guide you.

Supplemental Instruction is effective

Students who regularly attend and participate in SI earn higher grades. With SI support, they withdraw less often from challenging courses, saving time and money. 



"My experience in SI has been great. Not only was I able to connect with students having the same difficulties as me, but I also found new ways to improve habits. After learning these habits, I have noticed a drastic change in my grades and personal life."



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