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Library Mentor Duties

Library Mentors (LM) -- The Library Mentor serves as the student's personal library resource guide. Through approximately eight hours of group and individual meetings, students will learn how to obtain the resources needed to conduct research in a selected field. The goal is to become "information literate" and efficient in using all library resources.

Purpose:  to help the student achieve information literacy.


  1. to attend the annual Mentors’ Orientation training.
  2. to meet with the student, mentoring team, and program officials, as requested.
  3. to serve as information literacy expert and guide.
  4. to provide individualized research-related consultation necessary for obtaining resources.
  5. to help the student locate and explore appropriate research materials.
  6. to “certify” the student’s achievement of information literacy.
  7. to provide intensive library research support through the summer session if the student is selected for the internship.
  8. to attend the on-campus McNair Symposium and, if possible, the Recognition Ceremony.
  9. to complete requested paperwork in a timely manner.