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Research Mentor Duties

Research Mentors (RM) -- The Research Mentor completes the McNair Mentoring Team. In the spring, the Research Mentor will help his/her student write a proposal to compete for one of the fourteen summer research internships.The Research Mentor will closely supervise the project during the summer and will co-publish the results with his/her student.

Purpose:  to oversee the student’s research experiences on a daily/weekly basis.


  1. to attend the annual Mentors’ Orientation training.
  2. to meet with the student, mentoring team, and program officials, as requested.
  3. to help the student plan a major research project for a summer internship competition.
  4. to supervise the major research project if the student is selected for the internship, including consultation relating to project planning, data collection, experimentation, analysis, document writing and publication.
  5. to co-author the resulting research paper with the student.
  6. to help the student arrange an opportunity to present the research findings at a professional conference or in the classroom.
  7. to attend the on-campus McNair Symposium and, if possible, the Recognition Ceremony.
  8. to complete requested paperwork in a timely manner.