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ScholarTech Workshops

blue laptop with W for Microsoft Word

Blackboard Hacks 4 Students

Does Blackboard have you scratching your head? Learn how to navigate Blackboard, post on discussion boards, upload/download assignments and more!

black laptop with Bb for Blackboard

Word Hacks 4 Students

Do you know how to use Microsoft Word, but not sure how to format a paper? Learn how to create a header, give an accurate word count, use the thesaurus tool and more! (These workshops must be scheduled for face-to-face.)

red laptop with G for Google

Google Drive Hacks 4 Students

Have you heard of Google Drive, but not sure how to get started? Learn how to access Google Drive, create a new document, format a simple paper and more!

green laptop with dollar sign icon

Budget Tech 4 Students

Do you want to manage your budget from any device? Learn how to use Google Sheets to create a simple budget, track your spending and more!

orange laptop with P for presentations

Presentation Tech 4 Students

Has an instructor requested you to create a presentation and you have no idea where to start? Learn about current presentation technologies, how to create a presentation, add graphics and more!

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