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The UCM Advantage Program Requirements

In order to become eligible for the UCM Advantage Program, you must be an incoming first-year student who has already submitted an application for admissions to UCM. Students who become eligible for this program will receive a letter of invitation.

Once admitted, the UCM Advantage Program faculty and staff will get to know you and your academic goals, set up a plan for your success, and provide you many with many advantages over traditionally admitted students. But, we ask that you take on some of the responsibility for your success as well.

As part of their conditional admission, UCM Advantage Program students serve a one semester probationary period in which they must earn a minimum 2.0 GPA or higher. Other program expectations include:

  • enrolling as a full-time student (12-15 credit hours),
  • attending the UCM Experience Kickoff prior to the start of the semester,
  • meeting regularly with a support team member to complete an individualized learning plan,
  • attending UCM Advantage workshops, activities, and events,
  • maintaining high attendance in classes,
  • and complying with UCM policies regarding acceptable behavior both in and outside of class.

Although we will work together to provide you with every opportunity to be successful, students who earn below a 2.0 GPA during the first semester will be suspended or dismissed from the University of Central Missouri, depending upon their previous academic standing. Please see the “Academic Probation” page for more information.

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TRIO-Veterans Upward Bound

The Department of Academic Enrichment is excited to announce the launch of a new TRIO - Veterans Upward Bound program this year! This program is designed to assist qualified veterans with identifying educational goals and prepare them to enroll in a college or university of their choice. If you are a military veteran who is interested in pursuing a college degree please fill out this brief inquiry form to receive additional information about the program.