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Writing Center Handouts

[Note: The WC handouts are currently in the process of being rewritten/reformatted/replaced, and we will add them to this collection as they become available.]

These writing instruction handouts are divided into categories by general topic over a wide range of instruction:








Structure & Organization

Paraphrasing, Documentation, & Plagiarism

        Documenting Paraphrased Material

        Paraphrasing vs. Plagiarising in Western Culture

        Authentic Paraphrasing is Difficult

        Working with Quotations

        The Content of Your Research Paper

        Tony’s Field Guide to APA

Audience, Voice, & Style

General Writing Concerns

            About the handouts…

These handouts represent the efforts of instructors who worked in the UCM Writing Center: Ginger Young, Davie Davis, Adrianne Freeman, and Tony Shaffer. They present information on writing concerns that we found essential in the instruction of writing over years of experience working with thousands of students.

For questions regarding the handouts or any writing issue email