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Warrensburg, MO 64093
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Assessment Resources

Training Schedule Fall 2017


Institutional Assessment (General Education Assesssment)

        General Education Rubrics 

                       Modified Value Rubric Competency 1: Written Communication

                       Modified Value Rubric Competency 2: Oral Communication

                       Modified Value Rubric Competency 3: Quantitative Literacy

                       Modified Value Rubric Competency 4: Creative Critical Thinking

                       Modified Value Rubric Competency 5: Managing Information

        General Education Rubric Training: Available in Blackboard Community

        General Education Assessment (GEA)

        National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)


Program Assessment

       Assessment Handbook

       Assessment Glossary

       Program  Assessment Training 101 (CAHSS, HCBPS, CHST, COE)


Assessment References

       Assessment Books and Rubrics

       Assesssment Conferences

       Assessment Journals

       E Portfolio Journal


TK 20 Instruction

       TK 20 Instruction for Institutional Assessment (General Education Assessment)

               Course-Based Assessment (CBA) Instruction for faculty and Student- CBA training video

               How to run a CBA report (For Faculty)

        TK 20 Instruction for Program Assessment

               Program Assessment Data Entry into TK 20

               How to Run an Assessment Report

               How to Provide Feedback into TK 20 (Program Assessment Rubric)

               How to Load Model Syllabus into TK20 Document Room

               Curriculum Map


               Field Experience

        Faculty Qualification

               How to Enter Portfolio Activity into Faculty Qualification


Faculty Senate University Assessment Council