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For the purpose of continuous quality improvement, university collects the evidence of student learning for both General Eduction and Program Assessment. All the assessment data are stored in an assessment management software, TK20.

Institutional Assessment

In 2014, UCM updated its general education curriculum including updating ten areas of understanding, known as competencies. In order to capture the student learning of ten UCM General Education competencies, university has used three major assessment measures: General Education Assessment (GEA), Modified VALUE rubric and National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). GEA and Modified VALUE rubrics serve as the direct assessment measure of student learning outcomes and NSSE serves as an indirect assessment measure of student learning outcomes. 

The assessment results are discussed annually with university committees such as Academic Council, University Assessment Council and General Education Committee.

Program Assessment

Program Assessment follows the CQIP Model, the University Quality Initiative. In addition to major steps in the program assessment cycle, the university also embeds best practices of assessment activities in the process. Below is the annual update in university program assessment practice for the past three years.


Best Practice





Early in Spring

October 30th

Sep 15th



Measurable +Validated by advisory Board

Measurable +Validated by advisory Board

Curriculum Map


Simple (Assessed Point)

Full (all courses in the curriculum) and key wordsof program and course SLOs


Formative and Summative

Formative and Summative

Formative and Summative


Descriptive analysis

Descriptive analysis + Discuss with faculty

Descriptive analysis + Discuss with faculty, chair and advisory board


Actions +Evidence of Improvement

Actions +Evidence of Improvement

Actions +Evidence of Improvement


In addition, all programs were self-reviewed by program coordinators and peer reviewed by university and college assessment committee. The feedback from peer review is used for improving the assessment plan and report for the next year.


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