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General Education Assessment Program

General Education Assessment Policy

The Faculty Senate University Assessment Council (FSUAC), along with the Provost, the Faculty Senate, and the General Education Program Review Committee, approved the General Education Assessment Policy.

The General Education Assessment (GEA) tests for critical thinking and intellectual skills. The GEA exam is a computer-based, multiple-choice exam that measures four core intellectual skill areas – critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematics. UCM currently utilizes the Educational Testing Services "Proficiency Profile" exam for this assessment of general education skills.

What score is required on the General Education Assessment (ets Proficiency Profile) to fulfill the Policy?

To fulfill the General Education Assessment Policy as a condition for graduation, students must earn a minimum total score of 425 on the GEA. This score is based on a scaled score range of 400-500.  Test scores are available immediately after testing.   Students who do not achieve the minimum required score of 425 on their first attempt must retake the GEA, but must wait at least 30 days before retesting.  A series of five short practice modules will assist in preparation, and a score of 70% or higher on these is required prior to retaking the GEA. 

GEA Retake Required Practice Modules

How should students prepare for the exam?

No specific general education courses need to be taken prior to testing.  However, students are advised to take general education courses during their first 45 hours. GEA Measures of Proficiency and Sample Questions are available below and also on MyCentral (Student Services tab).  The GEA Retake Practice Modules are also great for anyone wishing to brush-up prior to taking the GEA for the first time.

GEA Measures of Proficiency

GEA Sample Questions
GEA Practice Modules


When should the General Education Assessment exam be taken?

To satisfy the GEA Policy, students must take the GEA exam as soon as they have earned at least 60 credit hours.   New transfer students with at least 60 credit hours should test during their first semester at UCM. 

Is there a consequence for not testing?

Yes!  Students who have earned at least 60 credit hours and who fail to test will have a TC HOLD placed on their academic account. The TC HOLD will prevent students from enrolling in future semester courses until the GEA has been taken. Students who do not achieve a score of 425 will receive instructions from Testing Services regarding next steps prior to retesting. 

When will the TC HOLD be removed?

The TC HOLD will be removed within 48 hours AFTER the GEA been taken.

When do students have to pass the General Education Assessment (GEA)?

Students must pass the GEA as a requirement for graduation at UCM.  Students majoring in programs that require the General Education Assessment Policy be fulfilled as one criterion for admission to the program (such as Nursing) should consult their department for program-specific requirements.

Is there a fee for taking the General Education Assessment (GEA)?

University Assessment funding pays for the first general education exam. Thereafter, students pay a $20 re-test fee. Testing Services bills the re-test fee to the students’ financial account following testing. Additionally, there is a $15 no-show fee for any student who signs up to take the exam and fails to show up and take it on their registered date.  Students needing to cancel or reschedule an exam must to do so at least 24 hours before their scheduled test date, provide proof of a University-approved absence, or pay the $15 no-show fee.

Teacher Education Majors Only

The Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education requires teacher education majors to take and pass each subject area of the Missouri General Education Assessment, or MoGEA, as one criterion for admission to the Teacher Education Program. This test also meets UCM's GEA requirement. UCM students who withdraw from the Teacher Education Program to major in another field and who have successfully fulfilled either the (old) College BASE for Teacher Education or (current) MoGEA requirement will have also met the General Education Assessment Policy.

Additional Information

FAQ about the GEA

How To Register for the GEA

The following video will walk you through the steps to register for a GEA.
(If unable to view, click the link below)

GEA Registration Flyer Spring 2018

GEA-MIC Registration Flyer Spring 2018


For any additional information or for questions and/or concerns, please contact:

UCM Testing Services
Humphreys Suite 216

When communicating with Testing Services, students need to provide their UCM ID#, full name, and UCM email address. Providing this information will assist in responding to your question.