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"The faculty are focused on keeping students engaged
and well prepared."
- Marty


"My training at UCM is preparing me to be a versatile pilot."
- Susan

Aviation Safety

Master of Science in Aviation Safety
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Aviation Partners

UCM Aviation and Envoy Air and Gojet Partnerships.
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AABI International

UCM undergraduate aviation programs are accredited through AABI.

Full-Time Faculty

The aviation faculty members at Central Missouri represent a range of academic and professional training. All faculty hold terminal degrees in their areas of specialization and practices in the field.



Dave Card

Chief Flight Instructor and Assistant Professor, M.S., University of Central Missouri, Aviation Safety. Certifications: Airline Transport Pilot for Airplane Multiengine Land, Commercial Pilot for Airplane Single; Instrument; Glider, and Aero Tow, Flight Instructor for Airplane Single and Multiengine Instrument Airplane; Glider, Ground Instructor for Advanced and Instrument, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, and Aviation Safety Counselor.

Contact email:

Phone: 660-543-4335

Located in Hangar 3 at Skyhaven Airport

John Horine John Horine, Ed.D.

Professor Emeritis of Aviation, Ed.D., University of Missouri. Teaching areas: Aviation Management, Air Transportation, Technical Report Writing, Development of Industrial Education. Research area: thesis consultant.  Dr. Horine also serves as the Program Coordinator for students enrolled in the Aviation Safety graduate program.

Contact email:

Phone: 660-543-4457
Located in TR Gaines Suite 210

Runyon William (Bill) Runyon

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor. B.A. in Science/Religion Mid-America Nazarene University, M.S., University of Central Missouri, Aviation Safety. Experience and Expertise: Commercial Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land, Airplane Multi Engine Land, and Glider- Aero Tow & Ground launch qualified, Flight Instructor for Airplane Single and Multiengine Instrument Airplane; Glider. Glider and banner tow qualified. Tailwheel instructor. FAA Safety Team Representative.

Contact email:

Phone: 660-543-4184
Located at the airport in room 203

Fred Schieszer

Fred Schieszer
Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Professor of Aviation with an Ed.S in Indus. Education,  MS in Aviation Safety, BS in Psychology.  Teaching areas: Aircraft Accident Investigation, Aerodynamics, Aviation History, Aeronautics, Systems, Powerplants etc.  Prior to rejoining the Aviation Department  he was Director of Engineering and Product Development for Renegade Light Sport Aircraft Mfg. where he oversaw development and installation of the first “Lycoming Light Sport Powerplant with an electronic “capacitive discharge” ignition system.  He has been a private pilot since 1967 and has worked as an airport manager, SAR (Search and Rescue) Aircrew in the USCG, Aircraft Accident Investigator, Expert Witness in both Aviation and Maritime Accident Litigation and has conducted extensive research in aviation history.  Mr. Schieszer currently serves as the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for students enrolled in any aviation undergraduate program.

Contact email:

Phone: 660-543-4975
Located in TR Gaines Suite 210


Daniel Wong, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor of Aviation

Daniel has over 30 years of varied experience in the aviation industry working in different roles including engineering, supply chain, marketing & sales, IT, flight operations, and senior management. He has worked with aircraft manufacturers as well as four different airlines in different regions of the world starting as an engineer with a tiny 2 aircraft fleet and progressing up to being a VP in one of the largest international airlines in the world. He and his teams have won multiple individual and team awards for new ideas and innovative projects. In engineering he has been a DE and has worked on aircraft structures, aircraft systems, aircraft interiors, aircraft performance, flight testing, configuration design, airport compatibility, and optimization of B777 and A380 ultra-long range flights.;

Daniel holds a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering Science, an MBA in Technology Engineering Management, and a PhD specializing in Innovation of Complex Products and Systems. He holds a Commercial Pilot’s License with ratings in ME/IR fixed wing, seaplane, helicopter, and gyroplane. He is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Location: T.R. Gains 210 G

Phone: (660) 543-8411



Dr. Terry L. Hunt

Associate Professor of Aviation


Location T.R. Gaines 210C

Phone: (660)543-8092


Matthew D. Furedy

Assistant Professor of Aviation





Location: T.R. Gaines 210 F


Phone: (660)543-8103