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2008-2009 Awards & Accomplishments

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Faculty Highlights and Accomplishments 2008-09

David Aaberg  (2009, February). Commissioned production number, It Don’t Mean a Thing… (jazz ensemble plus strings arrangement) for the opening of the Sam’s Club national convention, Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri, performed by the Boulevard Big Band, and was the featured trumpet soloist.

David Aaberg  (2009, February). Director/Clinician for Arkansas All-State 2nd Jazz Ensemble, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

David Aaberg  (2009, January). Director/Clinician for Missouri Central District Jazz Ensemble, Kaiser, Missouri.

David Aaberg  (2009, January). Featured piano soloist with Missouri West-Central District Jazz Ensemble, Knob Noster Middle School.

David Aaberg  (2008, June). Lead trumpet with the Louis Neal Big Band at Rhythm and Ribs Festival, Parade Park, Kansas City, Missouri.

David Aaberg, professor of music, Boulevard Small Band (trumpet), Kansas City Chiefs Pack Band (trumpet), Louis Neal Big Band (lead trumpet), Kansas City Jazz Orchestra (trumpet), Steve Miller Orchestra (trumpet), and Skip Hawkins Trio (piano).

Patrick Ament, associate professor of psychology, was the faculty coordinator for the Missouri Africa Program at the University of Ghana, Legon, during the fall 2008 semester, teaching courses, conducting research in collaboration with Ghanaian faculty, and presenting his scholarship.

Jared M. Bartels, Laura A. Glass (s), David S. Kreiner, & Joe. J. Ryan  (2009). The pursuit of publication: Authors’ perceptions of and responses to peer-review. North American Journal of Psychology, 11, 1-16.

Laura A. Glass (s), Jared M. Bartels, & Joe J. Ryan  (2009). WAIS-III FSIQ and GAI ability-memory discrepancy analyses. Applied Neuropsychology, 16, 19-22.

Jared M. Bartels, Hinds, R. M. (s), Laura A. Glass (s), & Joe J. Ryan  (2009, May). Perceptions of psychology as a science: The influences of psychology courses and major. Association for Psychological Science Convention, Chicago, IL.

Jared M. Bartels, Williams, A. (s), & Joe J. Ryan  (2009, May). Multidimensional fear of failure and achievement goal. Association for Psychological Science Convention, Chicago, IL.

Jared M. Bartels, S.Magun-Jackson, Joe. J. Ryan, & Laura A. Glass (s)  (2008).  A subjective and objective assessment of journals in educational psychology. Psychology and Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 45, 29-35.

Laura A. Glass (s), Jared M. Bartels, Joe. J. Ryan, & Kim Stark-Wroblewski  (2008). The effectiveness of psychology courses at disconfirming common psychological myths. Individual Differences Research, 6, 97-103.

Laura A. Glass (s), Jared M. Bartels, Joe. J. Ryan, & J. Morris  (2008). Estimating WISC-IV indexes: Proration versus linear scaling. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 64, 1175-1180.

Shari Bax  (2009, in press). Harriet Woods. In Yvonne Johnson (ed.), Feminist Frontiers. Kirkwood, MO: Truman State University Press.

Shari Bax  (2009 edition). Show Me. A manual for Missouri Girls State Conference. Jefferson City, MO: Missouri Bar Association.

Shari Bax  (2009, June). Civic Engagement through Elections: Student and Faculty Perspectives.  American Democracy Project National Meeting, Baltimore, MD.

Shari Bax  (2009, May).  Getting to the Bottom of the Gender Gap.  Invited Speaker , The 21st Century Leadership Academy, St. Louis, MO.

Shari Bax  (2008, June). Going Beyond Voter Registration: An Examination of Mobilization Practices and Common Obstacles.  American Democracy Project National Meeting, Snowbird, UT.  Also served as a panel discussant.

Shari Bax, associate professor, is coordinator for the American Democracy Project: Sponsored Constitution Day, Election 2008, including several debate watches, a Local Election Forum, Environmental Awareness events, including Mess on the Mall, and a Daniel Quinn presentation

Shari Bax, associate professor, is academic/curriculum consultant for Missouri boys State and Missouri Girls State, coordinator of the State Government Internship Program and the Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life Fellowship Program; moderator for the National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions; coordinated the Innocence Project (eye witness investigation procedures in Missouri) and Candidate Match (surveyed student policy views and matched them with presidential candidates); mentor for McNair Program and honor students; advisor for the College Democrats, Central’s Breakers, Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority; member of Governor Jay Nixon’s Citizen Transition Advisor Team, chairs the Warrensburg Planning and Zoning Commission, is a Supervisory Election Judge, facilitates the Warrensburg Senior Ethics Day, and judges the Warrensburg High School Speech and Debate team.

Michael Bersin, professor of music, played cello in the quartet for Chamber Music in the Mountains, Tucson, Arizona, was principal cellist, Lee’s Summit Symphony Orchestra; and played cello, Kansas City Symphony players for the Kansas City Lyric Opera, Pirates of Penzance, on April 29, 2009.

Keshav Bhattarai and D. Conway  (2009). Increased urban growth results in increased vulnerability: Human/hazards interactions in the uncontrolled Kathmandu Valley conurbation. Nepal in the 21st Century. Nova Publisher.

Keshav Bhattarai and D. Conway  (2009). Demography and Ethnicity in Nepal. Nepal in the 21st Century. Nova Publisher.

Paudel, B. N., Krishna P. Paudel, and Keshav Bhattarai (2009). Searching for an Environmental Kuznets Curve in Carbon Dioxide Pollutant in Latin American Countries. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 41,1(April 2009):13-27, Southern Agricultural Economics Association.

Keshav Bhattara and Darlene Budd  (2009). Political Parties in Nepal: Opportunities and Challenges. Journal of the Institute and International Studies, Issue Number 8, 2008, Institute of Justice and International Studies, Universities of Central University.

Paudel, K. P., Keshav Bhattarai, Wayne M. Gauthier, Larry M. Hall  (2009). Geographic information systems (GIS) based model of dairy manure transportation and application with environmental quality consideration Waste Management (2009), doi:10.1016/j.wasman.2008.11.028.

Keshav Bhattarai and K. P. Paudel  (2009, March 22-27). A grid based spatial modeling of broiler litter applications in Louisiana. Association of American geographers, 2009 Annual Meeting Program, Las Vegas, NV.

Keshav Bhattarai and Dennis Conway  (2008, November 13-15). Monitoring the success and failures of community forestry in Nepal. Association of American Geographers, West Lakes Division Annual Meeting, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405.

Keshav Bhattarai  (2008, November). GIS Applications in Crime Mapping. Institute of Justice and International Studies Conference, Universities of Central University.

Keshav Bhattarai and Dennis Conway (2008, October 10-14). Identifying drivers of deforestation by the integration of remote sensing and spatial data for the Central Development Region of Nepal. South Asian 36th Annual Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Nepal Studies Center section.

Jason Bolte  (2009, April 2). Performance of And Deat for fixed media. Society of Composers Inc. National Conference, Santa Fe, NM.

Jason Bolte  (2009, April 4). Performance of Scrap Metal for piano and fixed media. New York City Electronic Music Festival, New York, NY.

Jason Bolte  (2009, April 18). Performance of Noises Everywhere for fixed media (ASCAP/SEAMUS Commission), Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States National Conference, Fort Wayne, IN.

Darlene Budd & Keshav Bhattarai (2008). Political Parties in Nepal: Opportunities and Challenges. Journal of the Institute of Justice & International Studies. Number 8, 75-88.

Darlene Budd  (2008). EU Accession Process and the Roma Minorities in New and Soon-to-Be Member States. Journal of Comparative European Politics. Number 6, 81-101.

Darlene Budd associate professor, was named director of the International Studies Program.

Kenneth Carter, Micah Hansen (s) and Jennifer Welsh (s)  (2009). Undergraduate research assistants: Working for what we learn. 2009 Great Plains Student Psychology Convention, 2nd Place in the empirical poster competition.

John Check (2008, June 20). Performed tuba, Brown Bag Program, National Music Museum, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD.

John Check (2008, July 10). Performed string bass, Summer Singers, Some’re Not Community Sing-Along.

John Check (2009, March 13). Performed piano, Brown Bag Program, National Music Museum, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD.

John Check (2008, June 13-14). Interrogative Techniques in the Pedagogy of Form and Analysis. The Musician’s Workshop, Macro Analysis Creative Research Organization.

Daniel Crews  (2008). Twilight of the Renaissance: The Life of Juan de Valdés. University of Toronto Press.

Lisa Fredenburgh  (2009, June 20-21). Panelist for two sessions of Sounds from Seven Continents. Music Education Week in Washington, Washington, D.C.

James Gai  (2009, March 24). Warrensburg High School Director pro tempore (replacing director Chuck Appleton) at District Festival in Booneville: Symphonic Band: Superior (I) rating (including straight I in sight reading), Woodwind Choir: Superior (I) rating, and Brass Choir: Excellent (II) rating.

James Gai, professor of music, played clarinet in the Roadkill Clarinet Quintet, played clarinet in the Cambiano Trio (International Clarinet Association), was guest clarinet soloist in the Marshall Philharmonic Orchestra, and was the principal clarinet in the Lee’s Summit Symphony.

James Gai, professor of music, adjudicator for Higginsville Country Parade bands, served as band clinician (Hickman Hills High School, Van Horn high School, Lee’s Summit North High School, oak Grove Middle School, Lone Jack High School, Grain Valley high School, Ft. Osage High School, Skyline High School), and was the audition chair for the Warrensburg Area Music Teachers Auditions

Della Goavec  (2008, April). How to use Jean-Michel Ndjate Wooto’s Le crapaud chez ses beaux-parents in a classroom.  African Language Association, Burlington, VT.  

Della Goavec  (2008, November). La guerre congolaise dans la chanson: engagement socio-politique ou simple divertissement? [War in Congolese music: Political Social Justice commitment or simple entertainment?]. African Studies Association, Chicago, IL. 

Della Goavec  (2008, July). Le traitement du dialogue dans L’appel des arènes d’Aminata Sow Fall. Universite de Bourgogne, France.

Tricia Hansen-Horn and Bonita Dostal Neff were editors of (2008). Public Relations: From Theory to Practice. Allyn & Bacon.

Eric C. Honour, Jr., associate professor of music, was named the 2009 Byler Distinguished Faculty Award, presented annually to the top faculty.

Eric Honor  (2009, March-May). International tour of music for saxophone and computer. Complete tour program featured 11 works including the composition Phantasm (for alto saxophone and computer). Performances at UCM, Western Washington University, Northwestern University, St. Olaf Catholic Church, Minneapolis, MN, Intermedia Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, University of Missouri-Kansas City, North American Saxophone Alliance Region IV Conference, University of Missouri-Columbia, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Franklin Pierce University, Brooklyn College, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, England, UK, Conservatorio di Musica di Perugia, Perugia, Italy, Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “Luigi Boccherini,” Lucca, Italy, Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg, Austria, and University of Macedonia-Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Eric Honour  (2009, May 31). Produced and edited compact disc recording Trio ALL featuring Kansas City jazz pianist Mark Lowry, bassist Ben Leifer, drummer Zach Albetta, Stateside Records. Mentioned in review by Steve Paul, Kansas City Star.

Eric Honour, associate professor of music, published the instructional software Voice Analysis I. Released Windows/Mac software application. Written for the UCM vocal area, this software provides real-time sonogram/spectrograph analysis, tailored for singers, and also allows users to record and play back their inputs, for more detailed analysis and comparison.

Mia Hynes, associate professor of music, served as adjudicator, Indiana Federation of Music Clubs Junior Festival State Play-Off Competition, was the guest artist, Summerfest 2008 Chamber Music Series, Kansas City, MO, was djudicator for the Missouri Music Teachers Association District Honors Audition, was the collaborative pianist, for guest artist and alumnae Mary Ann Hart, UCM Friends of Music Concert Series, was the featured performer, Benefit Recital for Arkansas Baptist Youth Symphony, Little Rock, AR, and performed a piano duet recital (with Dr. Jon Hynes), Missouri Federation of Music Clubs State Convention.

Joyce Jablonski, professor of art and design, was a symposium demonstrator, lecturer, participant, and exhibitor at the Jornadas Internacionales de Ceramica Contemporanea Symposium, Museum of Architecture, Buenos Aires, Argentina, during summer 2008.  This residency followed closely after her working artist-in-residence and research at the WS Experimental Sculpture Factory, Jingdezhen, China, in June 2006.

Akis Kalaitzidis  (2009). Europe’s Greece: Pathways to Economic Success. New York: Palgrave-McMillan.

Akis Kalaitzidis  (2008). editor Global Politics in the Dawn of the 21st Century (Athens, Greece: ATINER, 2009);

Akis Kalaitzidis, Thomas Cieslik, David Felsen (2008). Immigration: A Documentary and Reference Guide. Greenwood Press

Akis Kalaitzidis & Donald Wallace  (2009, in press). The Demise of the Justiciable Standard in Brecher, Devenney, Winter (eds.), Interrogating Terror: London: Routledge.

Akis Kalaitzidis  (2009, in press). The Eastern Question: Genocide in Support of Nationality. In Bjorlund and Hofmann (eds.), New York: A. Karatzas Publishing Co.

Akis Kalaitzidis and Donald Wallace  (2009). The Monistic Goal of Overcoming the Divide between Domestic and International Law: Historical Lessons for 21st Century Globalization of the International Legal Community. ISA conference, New York.

Arthur Kemp, Kevin D. Sansberry (s)  (2009). An investigation of conformity as a product of social validation. Central's McNair Scholars Program, 1st Place Award.

David S. Kreiner, Candice Hill (s)  (2009). The relevance of change blindness in the visual perception of a crime. 2009 Great Plains Student Psychology Convention, 1st Place in the empirical poster competition.

T. S. Duckworth (s) & David. S. Kreiner  (2009). Effect on eyewitness accuracy when witnesses are told versus not told that they will be allowed a second viewing. Journal of Police & Criminal Psychology, 24, 30-35.

Duckworth, T. S. (s), David S. Kreiner, Kim Stark-Wroblewski, & Patricia A. Marsh  (2009, May). Effects of experiencing the eyewitness identification process on juror decisions. Midwestern Psychological Association annual meeting, Chicago, IL.

David S. Kreiner, R. Z. Price (s), & A. M. Gross (s)  (2008). Linguistic boundaries as predictors of the time between letters in oral and typed spellings. The Journal of General Psychology, 135, 117-132.

Robert Lawrence  (2009, April 3). Live Music Performances Over the Internet: Is It Time Yet?. C2C Conference, Warrensburg, MO. Presentation used the UCM Vocal Jazz Ensemble for demonstration and a live feed connected UCM with all of the major universities in Kansas.

Robert Lawrence, associate professor of music, was the guest conductor/clinician, 5th and 6th Grade Elementary Choral Festival, Butler High School, Butler, MO, an adjudicator, Music in the Parks, Worlds of Fun Northwest High School, North Kansas City, MO, host, Worlds of Fun/CUM Choral Music Festival, Kansas City, MO, and serves as Repertoire and Standards Chair, Jazz Choirs, Missouri Choral Directors Association.

Lee Liu, associate professor of geography, was selected as an Honors College fellow for 2009-2010.

Lee Liu, Zhang, Z, & Li, X.  (2009). Ecotourism and Nature Reserve Sustainability in Environmentally Fragile Poor Areas: The Case of the Ordos Relict Gull Reserve in China. Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy 4(2):12-12. Published Online.

Lee Liu  (2009). Urban environmental performance in China: A sustainability divide? Sustainable Development 17(1):1-18. Published Online. DOI: 10.1002/sd.356.

Lee Liu  (2008). Sustainability Efforts in China: Reflections on the Environmental Kuznets Curve through a Locational Evaluation of "Eco-Communities”. The Annals of the Association of American Geographers 98(3):604-629.

Scott Lubaroff, associate professor of music, received the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences 2009 New Faculty Achievement Award, and was guest conductor, judge, or clinician for nearly 40 bands including: North Kansas City District Honor Band, Rockwood District (St. Louis) Honor Band, Southeast Iowa Bandmasters Association Honor Band, and Missouri River Valley Conference Honor Band.

Mick Luehrman, professor and chair of art and design, was named Missouri Art Education Association Higher Education Art Educator of the Year (2008-2009).

Duane. A. Lundervold, C. Talley (s), & M. Buermann  (2008). Effect of behavioral activation treatment on chronic fibromyalgia pain: Extension and replication. International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy, 4, 146-157.

Sean Malone  (2009, April 3). Featured performance on Chapman Stick, Stick Night (including Emmett Chapman). Weber’s Place, Reseda, CA.

Carla Maltas  (2008, Winter). Leaving a Legacy. Missouri Music Educator.

Carla Maltas  (2008, Fall). Dead skunk in the middle of the road. Missouri Music Educator.

Carla Maltas  (2008, Summer). What are you doing this summer?. Missouri Music Educator .

Carla Maltas  (2008, November). I Traveled to Australia on Highway Number One. Iowa State Music Education Association conference, Ames, IA.

Carla Maltas  (2008, November). Dancing with the Octopus: Strategies for Rural Music Teachers. Iowa Music Educator’s Conference, Ames, IA.

Carla Maltas, assistant professor of music, was the accompanist forCabaret, UCM Department of Theatre, Fall 2008, is the director, Warrensburg Junior Community Chorus, Fall 2008-current, is the Parliamentarian for Mu Phi Epsilon (Professional Music Honorary International Organization), and is the state advisor for CMENC (Missouri Music Education Association).

Patrica A. Marsh & Poepsel, D. L. (s)  (2009, May). Increasing students; performance for job and graduate school interviews. Association of Psychological Science Convention, San Francisco, CA.

Patrica A. Marsh & Twigg, J. (s)  (2009, May). Cross-sectional examination of college students’ diversity perspectives. Council of Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology annual meeting, Chicago, IL.

Patricia Marsh, Laura B. Harrington (s)  (2009). Children’s toy preferences: Biological or sociological? 2009 Great Plains Student Psychology Convention, 2nd Place Award in the undergraduate poster competition.

Patricia Marsh, Dennis Pospsel (s)  (2009). Preliminary results concerning group commitment and helping. 2009 Great Plains Student Psychology Convention, 1st Place Award in the Graduate Student Research Paper competition.

Patricia A. Marsh, & D. L. Poepsel (s)  (2008). Perceived usefulness of learning outcomes predicts ratings of departmental helpfulness. Teaching of Psychology, 35, 335-342.

Sheri Mattson  (2008, November 1).  Recorded Oboe Etudes for Middle School/Junior high School All-District Band Auditions.

Sheri Mattson, assistant professor of music, played oboe for Lake Cottage Duo (Hart Recital Hall, UCM, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, WI, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI), played English horn for the Lee’s Summit Symphony Orchestra, played oboe for MO’Boes (Border’s Bookstore, Lee’s Summit, UCM faculty chamber music recital, St. Michael and All Angels Church, Mission, KS), is first oboe and plays English horn Sedalia Symphony Orchestra, hosted a clinic for Missouri Regional Honors Band Sections, and conducted a masterclasses at Congress Middle School amd Oak Grove Middle School, and is treasurer for the Midwest Double Reed Society.

Sheri Mattson  (2008, December 14). Performed English horn, Shaw's The Many Moods of Christmas, Lee’s Summit Christian Church

Dolores Mercado  (2009, March). Historicidad en Malinche de Laura Esquivel. VIII Congreso Internacional de Literatura Hispánica, San José, Costa Rica.

Sandra Merrill  (2008). El hembrismo en Santitos de María Amparo Escandón.  Con-Textos: Revista de Semiótica Literaria, 75-82.

Wayne Miller  (2009). The Book of Props. Milkweed Press.

Gary Moege, professor of music, plays horn for the Cambiano Trio (UCM Piano Institute concert, International Clarinet Symposium), plays horn for Liberty Symphony Orchestra, played guitar for the Battle of Britain celebration, was the horn soloist for the, All-District Choir, Sedalia, MO.

Gary Moege  (2009, April 24). Clinician at Lakeland High School, Deep Water, MO. Worked with brass trio preparing for state competition.

Gary Moege  (2009, June 3-4). Area Representative the International Horn Society, International Horn Symposium, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL.

John Rutland  (2009, March 22). Conducted rehearsal of the Kansas City Youth Orchestra Symphonetta, Kansas City, MO.

John Rutland  (2009, March 23). Clinician with the Marshall High School Orchestra, Marshall, MO.

Joe J. Ryan, Jennifer Seeley (s)  (2009). Age effects on WAIS−III performance of substance abuse patients. 2009 Great Plains Student Psychology Convention, 1st Place Award in the Undergraduate Empirical Poster competition.

Collier, J. L. (s), Laura A. Glass (s), Joe J. Ryan & Duckworth, T. S. (s)  (2008, August). A preliminary investigation of the 21 Item Test in children. American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, MA.

Joe. J. Ryan, Glass, L. A. (s), & Jared M. Bartels  (2008, August). Internal consistency of the WISC-IV. American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, MA.

Joe J. Ryan, Hinds, R. M. (s), Laura A. Glass (s), & Brown, C. N. (s)  (2008, August).  Administration order effects on the Test of Memory Malingering. American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, MA.

Tree, H. A. (s), Laura A. Glass (s), & Joe J. Ryan  (2008, August). Relationships between the WISC-IV composites and 21 Item Test. American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, MA.

Laura A. Glass (s) & Joe J. Ryan  (2009, February). Contributions of working memory and processing speed to age-related declines of fluid intelligence in a clinical sample. International Neuropsychological Society meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Morris, J., Kopaid, B., Laura A. Glass (s), Jackson, I., & Joe J. Ryan  (2009, February). Alternative paragraphs for the Logical Memory subtest of the Wechsler Memory Scale-III. International Neuropsychological Society meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Laura A. Glass (s), Joe. J. Ryan, R. A. Charter, & Jared M. Bartels  (2009). Discrepancy score reliabilities in the WISC-IV standardization sample. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 27, 138-144.

Joe J. Ryan, C. M. Berger (s), Jared M. Bartels, Laura A. Glass (s), & A. M. Paolo  (2009). Predicting neuropsychological test performance on the basis of temporal orientation. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition, 16, 330-337.

Joe J. Ryan, James M. Townsend (s)  (2009) Relationships of prestige and licensure exam scores in clinical psychology doctoral programs. 2009 Great Plains Student Psychology Convention, 2nd Place Award in the Graduate Student Paper competition.

Joe J. Ryan, James M. Townsend (s)  (2009). Relationships between climate and IQ in the United States. 2009 Great Plains Student Psychology Convention, 2nd Place Award in the Graduate Poster competition.

Joe. J. Ryan, Laura A. Glass (s), &, H. A. Tree (s)  (2008). Administration frequencies of WAIS-III supplementary and optional subtests by board certified clinical neuropsychologists. Applied Neuropsychology, 15, 205-207.

Joe. J. Ryan, David S. Kreiner, & H. A. Tree (s)  (2008). Gender differences on WAIS-III incidental learning. Applied Neuropsychology, 15, 117-122.

Michael Sawyer  (2009). Initiated new study-abroad agreement with the Institut for Internationale Kommunikation in Dusseldorf, Germany.  The department will hold its first ever summer-study abroad tour to Germany in 2010.

Julie Stephens  (2008, September). Moral Fantasies and Cosmic Order: Social Melodrama in Three Border Crossing Films: Hombres armados, El norte and María llena eres de gracia. Genre, Culture and Ideology Conference, Zaragoza, Spain.

Michael Sekelsky  (2009, March 24). Warrensburg High School Director pro tempore (substituting for Chuck Appleton) at District Festival in Booneville: Percussion Ensemble: Superior (I) rating.

Michael Sekelsky  (2008, Fall). Interpreting Big Band Charts. Teaching, the national publication of the Music Educators National Association.                                                                                                                                        

Michael Sekelsky  (2008, Fall). Improve Your Text Life!. Missouri School Music Magazine.

Michael Sekelsky  (2009, Winter). Beating the Challenges of Timpani Maintenance. Missouri School Music Magazine.

Michael Sekelsky  (2009, Spring). Stretch your Capacity for Good Muscle Health. Missouri School Music Magazine.

Michael Sekelsky  (2009, Spring). Percussion Tone Production Studies. In Tune.

Michael Sekelsky, professor of music was Chair, Drum Set Committee, Percussive Arts Society, moderated panel discussion, How to Earn a Living in the Music Business, at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Austin, TX, wrote drill designs for the following high schools: Higginsville, Knob Noster, Smith-Cotton, Warrensburg, commissioned percussion ensemble selection, Sugar Plum Funk Lebanon Middle School Percussion Ensemble; performed at the 2009 Missouri Day of Percussion, Lebanon, MO, March 7, 2009, wrote drumline score for Lebanon High School, and arranged Maniac Weekend for Clinton High School drumline,

Richard Smith, professor of music, adjudicated Missouri Music Teachers Association District Auditions, Warrensburg, MO, adjudicated Kansas High School District Auditions, Baldwin, KS, presented paper on Alberto Ginastera at the St. Louis Music Teachers Roundtable-Lecture, adjudicated Federation of Music Clubs Evaluative Auditions, UCM, adjudicated Kansas high School Auditions, Baldwin, KS, and coached the following student piano competition winners:

  • Sarah Blunk, Honorable Mention, Music Teachers National Association State Convention, St. Louis;
  • Michael Martin, Honorable Mention, Missouri Music Teachers National Association State Convention, St. Loius;
  • Tom Hunt, Alternate in Missouri Music Teachers Association Lower level division, Springfield, MO;
  • Joe Piontek, McHale Award, Federation of Musical Clubs Auditions, Jefferson City, MO. and Co-winner of Warrensburg Area Music Teachers Association Scholarship Auditions;
  • James Cockman III, winner, Missouri Music Teachers National Association Young Artist Competition; winner, Division level (seven state), St. Cloud, MN; Third place, National level (seven finalists), Atlanta, GA;
  • James Cockman III, national winner, National Federation of Music Clubs Young Artist Competition (five finalists), Orlando FL. 

James Staab, professor and chair of political science, received the CAHSS 2009 Distinguished Faculty Award.

James Staab  (2009, in press).  Jurisdiction-Stripping by the President and Congress: The Constitutionality of the Military Commissions Act of 2006. In Akis Kalaitzidis (ed.), Global Politics in the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century.  Athens, Greece:, ATINER.

James Staab  (2008). The War on Terror’s Impact on Habeas Corpus: The Constitutionality of the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Journal of the Institute of Justice & International Studies, No. 8, 280-297.

James Staab  (2008, August 28-31). The War on Terror’s Impact on Habeas Corpus: The Constitutionality of the Military Commissions Act of 2006. American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

James Staab  (2009, April 14) made arrangements for Mary Rhodes Russell, Judge of the Missouri Supreme Court, to be the keynote speaker at the Political Science Awards Ceremony.

David Stagg, professor of music, conducted the Warrensburg Community Band President’s Lawn Concert and Christmas Concert, performed trombone with the Liberty High School Band, Missouri Music Educators Convention, Osage Beach, MO, performed trombone with the Lee’s Summit High School Choir, Visitation Catholic Church, Kansas City, MO and is director for the Warrensburg New Horizons Band (community service project).

Kim Stark-Wroblewski, J. K. Edelbaum (s), & T. O. Bello (2008). Perceptions of aging among rural, Midwestern senior citizens: Signs of women’s resiliency. Journal of Women & Aging, 20, 361-373.

Kim Stark-Wroblewski, & Laura A. Glass (s) (2008). Five factor model of personality theories. In F. T. L. Leong (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Counseling (1st ed. Vol. 2). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Kim Stark-Wroblewski, David S. Kreiner, C. M. Boeding (s), A. N. Lopata (s), Joe. J. Ryan, & T. M. Church (s)  (2008). Use of virtual reality technology to enhance undergraduate learning in abnormal psychology. Teaching of Psychology, 35, 343-348.

Durington, B. E. (s), Hager, P. L. (s), Kim Stark-Wroblewski, & David S. Kreiner  (2008, August). Is participation in virtual office hours related to exam grades? American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, MA.

Kim Stark-Wroblewski, Erica Johnson (s)  (2009). The five factor model in predicting coping strategies and well-being following a romantic break-up. Central's McNair Scholars Program, 2nd Place Award.

Johnson, E. E. (s), Kim Stark-Wroblewski, & Lackey, L. (s)  (2009, March). Loss and resilience: Women’s well-being and use of coping strategies following a romantic break-up. 34th Annual Conference of the Association for Women in Psychology, Newport, RI.

Hager, P. L. (s), Kim S. Stark-Wroblewski, Durington, B. E. (s), & David S. Kreiner  (2008, August). Parallels between parent relationships and adult children’s romantic relationships. American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, MA.

Miller, K. A. (s), Kim S. Stark-Wroblewski, Durington, B. E. (s), & Joe J. Ryan  (2008, August). Self-esteem and motivation for sports. American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, MA.

Kim Stark-Wroblewski, Heather A. Chaffin (s), and Brie Whisler (s)  (2009). Eating disorder symptomatology and body esteem as a function of sports participation. 2009 Great Plains Student Psychology Convention, 2nd Place Award in the Clinical Psychology Empirical Poster competition.

B. E. Durington (s), Kim Stark-Wroblewski, P. L. Hager (s), David S. Kreiner, & Joe J. Ryan  (2008). The presentation of career-related information in abnormal psychology textbooks. Psychology and Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 45,7-16.

Gregory Streich and Akis Kalaitzidis  (2009). The Paradox of American National Identity and Globalization: Can American Citizens be Citizens of the World?” ISA Conference, New York.

Gregory Streich  (2008). Deliberative Social Capital and the Politics of Transition. In Joseph D. Lewandowski and Milan Znoj (eds.), Trust and Transitions: Civil Societies in a Changing World, (63-81). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Henry Wambuii  (2008). African Authoritarianism; and Francophone Africa; and Lusophone Africa; and Politics and Society in Tanzania; and Politics and Society in Ghana. In George T. Kurian (ed.). International Encyclopedia of Political Science. Washington, DC: CQ Press.

Alan Wenger  (2009, June 15-27). Participated as a mid-career professional in the Chosen Vale International Trumpet Seminar at Enfield, New Hampshire.

Alan Wenger, associate professor of music, was the principal solo cornet, Fountain City Brass Band, winning the US Open Brass Band Championships, Chicago, IL, November 2008, was the soloist and principal solo cornet, Fountain City Brass Band (Ohio Brass Arts Alliance Conference, Columbus, OH, Great American Brass Band Festival, Danville, KY, Topeka, KS, Overland Park, KS, Kansas City, MO, and Olathe, KS, Bell Center, Olathe, KS), played clarinet at the Kansas City Symphony for the International Clarinet Society Conference, Kansas City, MO, played for the Kansas City Symphony Brass Quintet, Kansas City, Missouri, August 2008, played for the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra, Kansas City, MO, played for the The Temptations and Four Tops, Starlight Theater, Kansas City, MO, was third solo cornet, All-Star Brass Band, Brass Band Spectacular, Charlotte, NC, played for contemporary Christian artist Michael W. Smith, Olathe, KS, Kansas City Symphony Christmas Pops Concerts, Kansas City, MO, played with the Kansas City Symphony at the Lyric (Kansas City, MO, Lied Center, Lawrence, KS, Carlson Center, Overland Park, Kansas ), played in the Blue and Gray Brass Brigade (Mt. Vernon, MO, Fredonia, KS), and played in the UCM Central Brass.