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April 16, 2013

April 16, 2013

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Chairs Meeting
April 16, 2013
3:30 p.m.

Building Stronger Programs and Departments

Attendance:  Steve Boone, Richard Herman, Mick Luehrman, Don Melichar, Steven Moore, Art Rennels,  Jim Staab and Eric Tenbus.

Action items:   Dean will provide a statement by Friday to answer why course evaluations (they inform instructors of how effective learning takes place and how learning might be improved).    Dean Nelson will speak to Jason Drummond concerning follow up conversations with the individuals invited to the Webster House prior to the President’s Gala.  All chairmen should provide the dean with feedback concerning the contract for learning.  Dean Nelson will talk to each chairman one-on-one and try to get a similar model for dual credit courses.  Steven Moore, Mick Luehrman and Richard Herman will serve on an ad-hoc committee for event promotion.  Richard Herman will chair the committee, which should  bring back a report to the chairs outlining procedures for event promotion.   Dean Nelson will confirm the deadline for annual reports (due June 14).

Discussion:  Course evaluations were discussed, noting that most students will be able to do the evaluations with the use of their smart phones.   Dean Nelson will establish a statement to be read to all classes that speaks to the value of the exercise, so they don't take it lightly.  The statement must be read to the students before the evaluations are started.  The statement should also explain that faculty will not see the evaluations until the next semester.  Course evaluations are important not only for evaluation of the instructor but also the class.    Faculty can identify a student, faculty member or graduate student to oversee the evaluation.    Because the college and the state questions overlap, we should try to subtly change questions so that chairs can see the answers to the state questions.

The success of the President’s Gala was discussed.  Many people feel this should be a recurring event every 3-4 years.  A dinner prior to the event at the Webster House was hosted to discuss the Arts Gateway.  Follow up with these guests is needed.

While discussing the contract for learning, a question came up concerning full-time status for students.  In order to receive $1000 for averaging 15 credit hours per semester, it was asked if 12 hours is considered full-time for scholarships.  Part of our state funding is based on the number of classes freshmen complete in their first year. 

HLC report - The visit is March 10-12, 2014.  The itinerary is similar to the last visit.  The criteria has changes since the last visit, so we need to look at federal compliance.  All courses must comply with the federal definition of the credit hour.  We really need to look at the classes that are not the typical face to face class setting.  Send any updates to Steve Boone.  There is a June 1 deadline.  As an institution, we are way behind.  The self study should be done this summer, sent to the team in November, and they will visit in March.  They need the study 8 weeks before their visit.

Dean Nelson reiterated the need to promote our events and maintain a high profile.  We should develop partnerships with other areas and expand our presence in Kansas City.

There are five new advisor positions open at the University and one new one in the college.  The search has just begun to fill this position. 

Jill Szoo will assist with the promotion of events in the college.    We need to gain greater prominence on campus, not only with performances, but  whenever we are hosting an event  (SMJFF, art show, lecturers, etc). 

Updates concerning all college searches were announced.  Everything is going well, with many searches complete or near completion.

Items 2, 3 and 4 will be postponed until the next meeting.

Chairs were encouraged to think about the 2013-2014 college initiatives.  The promotion of college events is one that we need to be pursuing.  Dean Nelson would also like to see at least one large intellectual lecture each year, using one of our college funds to help pay for it.  It needs to be very purposeful.  Chairmen were encouraged to be thinking about mentoring new faculty, especially with the ensurgance of so many new faculty members.

Two new items were added to the agenda:

1)  Internships-are all internships for credit and the same amount of credit and are they monitored so the work is consistent.  Are they supervised by faculty or by someone at the site of the internship and how consistent are they across the college and university?  Are they satisfying the needs of the program?

2)  Sentry Blue Group – This is a group out of Massachusetts with a global platform whose principal objective is to connect various interested partners in the areas of education, health care and business.  They currently operate primarily in Africa.  Their theme is Getting Ready for Reading.  The company is positioned to provide partnerships to underwrite certain initiatives.  Dean Nelson is on their board and they are coming here later this month.  All chairs are invited to the afternoon meeting session.  They are bringing in three individuals, one of them speaking on massive online courses. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sami Babrakzai