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April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Chairs Meeting
April 2, 2013
3:30 p.m.

Building Stronger Programs and Departments

Attendance:  Steve Boone, Richard Herman, Mick Luehrman, Don Melichar, Steven Moore, Jack Rogers, Julie Stevens  and Eric Tenbus.

Action items:   A promotional piece on the college accreditation reports needs to be prepared.  Get university relations involved with Buzz, Mick and Steven.  Dean Nelson will head this. 

Discussion:  The college’s interior design program has been recommended for accreditation (won't know for sure until July).  Theatre and Dance was one of three out of eleven approved for accreditation this year.  Of those three, ours was the only program going up for accreditation for the first time.   The President’s Gala at the Kauffman Center is nearly sold out.  We still need to publicize our college events more.  We should put out a reminder the week before and the week of an event.

If students will be using smart phones to fill out course evaluations, we need to test to make sure all possible problems have been solved before we start.  The current estimate for tablets/laptops for the purpose of filling out these evaluations is seventy-five.  Steve Boone will run through trouble shooting to make sure students have been given the proper procedures to use the phone. 

Advantages and disadvantages of dual credit classes were discussed. 

Everyone has turned in their HLC documentation for our accreditation visit. 

The University’s contract for learning was discussed.  If students take an average of 15 hours a semester for three semesters, they will receive $1000 at the end of their senior year.  Another part of the contract requires incoming freshmen to live on campus for two years.  Encouraging online courses and requiring students to live on campus are contradictory to this plan.  Some stated that we need a plan to improve the dorms before we require students to live there.  Faculty had mixed emotions concerning this endeavor.

Jill Szoo has been hired by the college and will spend part of her time getting things promoted for college.  Fifty percent of her time will be devoted to promoting events.

Respectfully submitted,

Sami Babrakzai