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April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Chairs Meeting
April 3 , 2012
3:30 p.m.

Building Stronger Programs and Departments

Members Present:   Richard Herman, Don Melichar, Jack Rogers, Michael Sekelsky, Michael Sawyer, Eric Tenbus, Steven Boone, Vicki Orcutt, and Dean Nelson.   

1.   On-going Issues: 

  • Program Promotion:   Dr. Tenbus spoke with Robin Krause about undergraduate programs.  Dr. Melichar and Dr. Tenbus are satisfied with strategy provided.  Dr. Sawyer said the GISL department is good where they are and have a major/minor handbook being produced.  Comm Department is using trading cards which will track the number of hits.  They have posters getting ready to put out info to HS counselors. 
  • Blackboard Workshops:  The training went well but really need more training for some.  Dean mentioned there will be a lab for individuals to use.  Course redesign classroom update—facilities does not know when it will be completed. 
  • Film Festival:  The Dean would like the chairs to get updates so they can know what films are going to be viewed and add then it can be part of curriculum. 

2.   Searches:     

  • History:  In the middle of the search
  • GISL:  Received signed contract for Middle East position
  • Comm:  Two hired down to Phone Interviews on third
  • Music:  Verbal confirmation on acceptance for the one search
  • Art:  Signed contract for Tech Search, contract out on Print Making and Verbal confirmation on last search. 
  • English:  All searches completed.

3.  Budget Challenges:  Good News.  Braced for 13.5M cut and we got a bank/insurance settlement which reduced cut to 7.7%.  Some legislators want to hold higher education flat.  Not sure if it will happen but there could be a reduction of the cut to about 4%.  News out of Jefferson City not nearly as dire as earlier reported.  Current university budget structure is heavily dependent on carry forward and salary savings.  Review lecturer budget and be as frugal as possible and increase class size.  Email Vicki and let her know bare minimum.  Any additional requests will have to be accompanied with funds.  Dr. Sawyer suggested that any course adds should be handled through extended campus and make it entrepreneurial and then no cost to the department or college.  Dean Nelson said this would be the easiest way.  Dr. Tenbus asked about the cap for on-line courses.  Dean Nelson said there was not a cap but a trend.  Dr. Herman asked about sabbaticals—they should proceed as planned with approval shortly from Provost. 

4.  Scholarship:  Foundation increasing scholarship funds for students.  63% increase in 2012-2013.  Dean is going to have a special session on fund-raising.  Going to hone in on some specifics:

  • Middle Eastern Study Center:  Would allow an endowed chair and fellowship
  • Arts Gateway – (Hendricks Hall).  A structural addition to the building which will bring in folks to Admin and Utt.  Dr. Boone said that there is a list of initiatives with the Arts Gateway being last.  It will take major funds In order for the Arts Gateway to be realized will take major funds.

Future Meetings:  May 1.  Meetings is at 3:30 pm
Summer Meetings:  May 15, June 5 and 19 and Jul 17th.  All Meetings are at 2:30 pm.