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Aug 7, 2012

August 7 , 2012

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Chairs Meeting
August 7, 2012
2:30 p.m.

Building Stronger Programs and Departments

Members Present:   Dan Schierenbeck, Colette Tilden, Steven Moore, James Staab, Eric Tenbus, Jack Rogers, Mick Luehrman, Vicki Orcutt, Steve Boone, and Dean Nelson

Before starting with the official agenda Dr. Boone spoke about the faculty upgrade with respect to computers.  He mentioned this is accomplished yearly and we will have the same kind of process that we have had in the past.  Many of the machines to be replaced are in vacant faculty lines giving the department chairs a lot more flexibility.  Deadline for the University is the first part of September.  Need to get information to Jeff by August 31, 2012.  There is no need for pre-approval for MACs.  Dr. Moore spoke about the need for all upgrades to occur for MAC systems to work.  Jeff Greene mentioned that on the spreadsheet provided the faculty lines identified in purple are the ones being upgraded this year. 

On-going Issues: 

  • Program Promotion:  Will be addressed at the next meeting.
  • Student Government:  Dean Nelson asked the departments to give thought to a delegation structure and once the structure is in place identify a chair.  Vicki will ask for nominations for student government reps.  It is not as important to have a department representative as it is to have all the positions for the college filled.  The Dean wants to bring the delegation together and have them identify a chair.  This type of structure will bring better coherence.   
  • Film Festival:  The schedule is not specific at this time.  Bit late on the list but with over 500 films to review it is difficult.  They are narrowing down the list for feature films to help instructors identify how the films might fit with their course instruction. 
  • Enrollment:   Wait List, Growth Strategy:   The Dean passed out the waitlist information and asked if the waitlist was working for the departments.  Students with more credit hours move up on waitlist—this will change.  As of spring semester, students will not have an advantage based on credit hours.  It will be a first come first served basis. 

1. Leadership and Management:  Department chairs are charged with leadership and management responsibilities.  The Dean wants chairs to revisit program reviews and look at strengths/weaknesses and move purposefully in a direction.  Think of:  1) quantitative growth possibilities, 2) qualitative growth, and 3) reputation.  Reputation works hand in hand with program promotion.  Give serious thought to these areas and the Dean will be discussing them one-on-one with the department chairs. 

2. Weaknesses/Strengths of College:  Dean Nelson said the college is functioning ok.  There are things he is working on that have not come to fruition.  He wants departments to look at opportunities and share your views with each other.  Dr. Staab asked about the use of the local TV and radio to get the word out.  The Dean agreed this is a missed opportunity.  The Dean is also going to revisit our local programming as well. 

3.  Priorities of the College:  Academic Programs/ Major Initiatives:  The Dean mentioned the need to create out of our students –scholars with fellowships.  Is there anyone in the pipeline? The Dean asked department chairs to think of a list of potential students with the faculty and cultivate them.  The Dean’s office will provide a list of students who are on the Dean’s list to help generate the names. 

4. Fund raising:  There is emerging sentiments that fundraising would be helped by having faculty develop initiatives with students.  These types of proposals will be looked at favorably from a fund raising perspective. 

5. Teaching/Learning Mentoring of New Faculty:  Workshop scheduled for 15-17 August 2012.  This does not absolve department chairs of their mentorship responsibilities.  We will continue with spring workshop for tenure and promotion. 

6. Post Tenure Review:  There was discussion about standardization across the college and university.  There was also a discussion about it being tied to a merit pay type system.  Dean Nelson will bring this idea to the other deans for discussion. 

7.  National/State Issues:  Concerns about size of majors/minors, etc.:  The Dean passed out information and asked for explanations as to why certain programs require minors.  Dr. Rogers asked why they care.  The Dean mentioned there are multiple sources who are concerned with higher education and the cost associated with higher education and the questions about why minors and/or 120 hours for majors is more of a national question.   Dr. Boone spoke about the definition of a credit hour and there was some discussion on what an hour meant.  Dr. Moore wanted clarification on 50 minute classes meeting the one hour definition.  All agreed 50 minute classes are considered one hour of instruction.

8. Other:

- General Education Discussion:   The Dean mentioned to the department chairs that he expects a call to go out for faculty to revise curriculum in response to the new general education outcomes in each of the areas.  Get an early start.  The Dean passed out the general education information and Dr. Staab and Dr. Tenbus discussed the language as it relates to state mandates and the universities acceptance of those mandates.  There is a need to fix the language with respect to the teaching of the constitution and what courses can teach this requirement. 

- Flexible Classroom:  There was a discussion about changing MAR 130 into a table and chair configuration vs desks.  All agreed the flexibility provided by this type of configuration is needed.