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February 5, 2013

February 5, 2013

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Chairs Meeting
February 5, 2013
3:30 p.m.

Building Stronger Programs and Departments

Members Present:   Ashley Miller (for Richard Herman), Don Melichar, James Staab, Jack Rogers, Mick Luehrman, Steven Moore, Steve Boone, Susan Denham and Dean Nelson

The Dean called the meeting to order and introduced Susan Denham. 

Kathy Leicht from the English Department was introduced and she gave an excellent overview and demonstration of new McGraw Hill software called “Connect”.  She is using it in her ENGL 1020 course.  A discussion followed regarding the pros and cons of the software.   

Course Evaluation; Steve Boone distributed a hand out of questions being currently used in the CAHSS Course/Student evaluations.  There were questions from the state, the college and each department.  The Dean recommended that there should be no more than 20 questions.  He also wants the departments to determine how many lab spaces are available to take the evaluations on-line.  The possibility of portable electronic devises (tablets) for taking the evaluations was explored.  Dr. Nelson will work with Dr. Melichar and with Dr. Boone on this project.

Challenges of using MFAT Waitlist Revisited; Dr. Moore inquired of other chairs how they use the MFAT.  Some departments have dropped the MFAT.  Some still use it but not used as a barrier to graduate.  One department has replaced it with a “capstone experience”.  Dr. Nelson raised the possibility of making the MFAT as part of a course.

Program Development and Expansion; Dr. Nelson stated that the President and the Provost have an inclination to explore funding for programs, but the programs need to be revenue bearing.  Dr. Nelson is advocating for the College’s programs.

Early Alert; Chairs should have received something from Patrick Streich about this. Dr. Nelson would like Dr. Melichar to write a critique on this for the Provost.

Strategic Governance for Student Success; Dr. Nelson distributed a handout.  He asked chairs to think about and make a list to cover the areas of engaged Learning, Future, Global Perspective and Service (first row of circles in handout).  He would like to brain storm regarding initiatives to keep costs where they are but still offer a quality education that would include Access, Affordability, Completion and Student Success (second row of circles in handout).


Steven Boone announced that the Third Mersenne Prime has been found.  The first two were found on computers in the Communications Lab and this one was found on a computer in the Modern Language Lab.

Dr. Nelson said there will be a major press release to announce all of the awards that the Theatre Department recently won.

Meeting adjourned at 5:12 p.m.