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October 16, 2012

October 16 , 2012

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Chairs Meeting
October 16 , 2012
3:30 p.m.

Building Stronger Programs and Departments

Members Present:   Richard Herman, Don Melichar, Steven Moore, James Staab, Eric Tenbus, Jack Rogers, Mick Luehrman, Vicki Orcutt, Steve Boone, and Dean Nelson

Before the meeting began Dean Nelson congratulated Dr. Herman on Drowsy Chaperone and the accreditation visit.  Preliminary report – glowing reviews from the team. 

On-going Issues: 

  • Student Government:  There has been a quota established and all four vacancies have filled. 
  • Film Festival:  Dr. Rogers provided an update.  Festival begins tomorrow. 
  • Fundraising:  The foundation office has created a giving brochure which identifies gift levels from $1,000 to $1,000,000. 
  • Meeting with Chairs, Program Directors and Mike Grelle:  The meetings are looking at CQIP criteria with Dr. Clifford and evidence that meets criteria.  Dr. Herman mentioned the timeline of December 1, 2012.  The Dean asked about any challenges.  Dr. Staab asked if the self-study had to be revisited by December 1, 2012.  The other department chairs said no.  The annual report would be the wrap-up.  Dr. Boone spoke about clarifying how studies are defined from university, college, and department.  Dr. Melichar asked about relief because of the timeline.  Dr. Boone will follow-up with Dr. Melichar to determine what is needed. 
  • General Education:  General education notice was sent out by Kathy Leicht. 
  • College Web pages:  Need to invest in someone to coordinate web page updates with department and college office.  Dean said the chairs should work with Provost Curtis and that Robin Krause does not work independently.  There needs to be a discussion with the President about the independent consultant and the difference between internal and external marketing and the academic council needs to be made aware.  The Dean told the department chairs that their faculty senate representatives should be bringing the concerns of the department to these meetings. 
  • Signature Programs:  Department chairs need to weigh-in on this subject and ensure that the discussion is coherent.  Criteria for being considered a signature program is lacking.  Does not appear to be academically driven, but more economically driven.  There should be a discussion with the Provost on how the programs are being put together.   Dr. Moore asked about the benefits of being a signature program.  There was a lengthy discussion on this and the need to work with representatives from the APRC .  The APRC has been reorganized and the Deans are no longer on the committee.
  • Innovative Campus:  Need to ask questions at Academic Council about this initiative as well. 

1.  Arts Gateway:  Looking at potential donors. 

2.  On-line Course Evaluation:  Prepare for the Dean any challenges you have with on-line course evaluations.

3.  Enrollment Growth and Faculty Support:  Provost Curtis wants data on the tipping point between regular and non-tenure track faculty.  Dr. Boone will develop the model. 

4. Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC):  Dean Nelson asked the Chairs to look at MOOC for future discussion.

5.  Faculty for Online Course Offering Committee:  The Dean asked department chairs to provide names of faculty members to participate in the online course offering committee as well as a critical thinking committee.