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September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Chairs Meeting
September 4 , 2012
2:30 p.m.

Building Stronger Programs and Departments

Members Present:   Don Melichar, Richard Herman, Steven Moore, James Staab, Eric Tenbus, Mary Kelly, Mick Luehrman, Cindy Kelley, Jenne Vanderbout, Sarah Craig, Steve Boone, and Dean Nelson

On-going Issues: 

  • Program Promotion:  Dr. Kelly mentioned how difficult it has been to get a simple sign made and the continuous runaround she had received from various offices.  This became a theme from other chairs on the difficulties in getting printed materials made and the delays that they have received from various offices on design, quotes and printed materials.  Many departments are still waiting on materials.  There was concern that some of the designs, particularly web designs were antiquated and that faculty resources could be tapped to get a fresh look.  Also, in respect to logos, there was concern that the department was overshadowed by the University’s name.
    • Particular problems addressed:
      • No quotes
      • Lower quality in house than from outside vendor
      • Lack of structure
      • Webpages are too busy and not focused on discipline.  Print materials are supposed to drive students to the website, but the website needs to be state of the art.
      • Long turnarounds on design and print

The Dean will speak with Robin Krause and Dennis Cryder to discuss issues.  Dr. Luehrmann will meet with David Babcock and Anthony Acock about design ideas for the website.  Dr. Tenbus is on the Academic Council Executive Committee, and it was suggested that he address this issue with them.

  • Film Festival:  Email went out to the chairs.  Vicki will resend the email to those who did not receive it.
  • Fundraising:  Addressed below in 1.
  • General Education:   The Dean reminded chairs to follow up with their faculty on Gen. Ed.  The chair of Gen. Ed. has had a delay and the new program will not launch in the catalog until 2014.  Faculty need to be ready for revisions and submissions.  Herman mentioned that the number of Gen. Ed. Hours was an issue for submissions.  They need to list courses, but they need to know the final answer on the number of hours.  The Dean advised to assume the current Gen. Ed. rule on hours and not to shorten the program.  Faculty need to follow outcomes and the courses need to yield the necessary outcomes.  Concern was raised over President Ambrose’s request for 50 new courses being accepted for transfer credit rather than the originally proposed 25.  The question was raised as to how can departments meet the new Gen. Ed. standard when transfer courses are not being held to the same standard.  The State has mandated  for interchangeable Gen. Ed., but UCM has its own revisions.  The Dean mentioned that the revision of UCM’s Gen. Ed. should have been in coordination with our feeder schools and their generic Gen. Ed. verses UCM’s unique standards.  The Provost will have to take the lead on the Gen. Ed. issue.

1. Introduction of Cindy Kelley:  Jenne Vanderbout introduced Cindy Kelley, the new Stewardship Officer at the Foundation.  Kelley presented chairs with packets with new Foundation procedures for thanking donors and tracking gifts.  The “Gift Societies” have been reworked to better reflect levels of giving.  Chairs need to make sure that their departments’ contact information is up-to-date with the Foundation for received materials and gift reports.  Each month, chairs will receive a report on Foundation and Scholarship donations which will include who and how to thank the donors.  The Dean mentioned that this initiative is to encourage departments to thank donors, but to control the timing of various area’s acknowledgement of the gift.  Cindy will not only track the gifts but also the thanks of the gifts.  After chairs receive their reports, they need to try and get a thank you note to Kelley within 25 days, so she can track and send out the thank you note.  Thank you notes should not be dated.  If the thanks were given in person or over the phone, chairs need to email Kelley with the date the communication was made.

    • $500 donations need to receive departmental thank yous, while lower level donations can be acknowledged at the departments’ discretion.
    • The Foundation still needs to track thank yous from departments, even if the gift is below $500.
    • Payroll deductions should be thanked annually and will be included in Kelley’s reports.
    • Levels of Stewardship
      • Levels based on amounts donated and one level considers duration of giving
      • New customized levels of stewardship should help to appropriately acknowledge large donors
      • Prior to Homecoming, a gift society brochure will come out with additional information on the levels.  Colleges will receive the brochure

Vanderbout and Kelley then left the meeting.  Discussion continued on the reorganization in the Foundation.  The tracking of gifts should help to eliminate past oversights in reporting of gifts.  Phonathons were mentioned as a possibility for getting donors, but past phonathons had not be successful, for various reasons, including apathetic volunteers, to not seeking out potential new donors, and only contacting repeat donors.

2. Provost’s Visit to Departments:  It was decided that before the Provost visits with departments she will attend the next chairs council meeting.  It will also be arranged for the Provost to go to departments and meet with the faculty.

3. Meeting of Chairs and Program Directors with Mike Grelle:  Chairs need to email Vicki and/or Sarah the names of program directors within their departments for a meeting with Mike Grelle regarding the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  The meeting will address CQIP program analysis, formative and summative assessment.  Graduate program directors can be included in the meeting.

4. Student Persistence and Success:  Discussed the majors panel for open option students and many felt that the last time this was held, it lasted too long and there were too many people present.  It was suggested that they organized smaller groups and create time slots for the various departments to present their programs to students.  The Dean will discuss these concerns with Michelle Dahlstrom.

5. Avoiding the Rip Van Winkle Syndrome:  Article was emailed out to all faculty regarding the state/direction of higher education and it included links on Ken Robins’ position.  Chairs were asked to remind faculty about this article.

6. Other:
    • President Ambrose announced in the Daily Star Journal that 21 programs were under review, but the programs were not named.  The Dean mentioned that these were the same 21 program that were already being looked at and that the Faculty Committee will likely be reformed to review them.
    • Tina Church sent out an email regarding a new HLC policy for graduate programs stating that graduate degrees must have 15 credit hours or 50% of its courses at the 5000-6000 level.  The Dean mentioned that the new policy has to come through the faculty governance to be implemented at UCM.