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Procedure for Approving Salary, Start-up, and other costs for new hires

College of Arts, Humanities, & Socail Sciences
University of Central Missouri

Title:  Procedure for Approving Salary, Start-up, and other Costs Associated with Hiring New Faculty
Date: December 1, 2004 (revised, August 2007, name changed)

The appropriate department chair, in consultation with the college dean, will be responsible for negotiating start-up, salary, and other costs associated with hiring new faculty.  Before final approval to hire the candidate can be made, the dean will put in writing the negotiated costs, sources of funding, including multi-year commitments, and objectives of any project/s attached to the money, such as research/creative activity.  The dean shall consult with the provost about the offer before offers are made to the faculty candidate.

The contract, issued by the president, shall spell-out the objectives of the project/s for which any additional allocations will be made.  The signature of the faculty member on the contract shall constitute agreement to the conditions, including a method of evaluation on the progress associated with the designated project, a date for submission of an evaluation report, and the understanding that subsequent allotments will be made based on the progress of the faculty member in meeting the objectives of the project and if funds are available to the dean.  These conditions will originate with the dean and be sent to the president through the provost.  Employment is not final until the Board of Governors has approved the appointment.

The department chair will be responsible for recommending to the dean if payments for start-up, etc. should be continued for the project/s outlined in the contract.