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Student Teaching and Certification

Lovinger 2170
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-8441

Finishing a Teacher Education Program:
Applying for Teacher Certification

  1. Go to the DESE website:
  2. Log in - Enter your User Name and Password
    NOTE: You should have only created one Educator Profile. If you created an Educator Profile in the past for a Substitute Certificate and also created a new Educator Profile recently, and have two profiles, you must use the Substitute User Name and Password.
  3. Once logged in it will take you to “User Application Page”
  4. Under Office of Educator Quality - Click on “Educator Certification System”
  5. You should now see your Educator Profile

      a. On the left menu under New Applications click “Initial Professional”

      b. Verify your personal information - edit if changes are necessary

      c. Complete the Professional Conduct Section – click yes or no
          NOTE: If you select “Yes” you will be asked to provide a brief statement

      d. Click “Professional Certificate” - This is very important!

      e. Click the “I Accept” box to release your educational information

      f. Select institution - drop down box - “University of Central Missouri”

      g. Click “Submit to Institution”

      h. Wait for confirmation message

      i. Click “Log Out” on the left menu


Your application should now be viewable in our work log. We will process your application and submit it to DESE after your degree is awarded by UCM.


Important Note:

DESE must have a current background check and a passing Missouri Content Assessment score on file before your certificate will be issued.