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Biochemistry and Chemistry Programs

W.C. Morris Building
Room 417
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4948
Fax: 660-543-8142

Biochemistry, Chemistry & Physics

Seminar Series

Spring 2009

Dr. Frank Potter
University of California-Irvine
Crises in Cosmology-Contesting the Standard Model
Hosted by: Center for Cooperative Phenomena
Nahm Auditorium  WCM 299
April 16, 2009
4:00 PM
Refreshments served at 3:30PM

Fall 2008

Cycloshield PolyestersTM: Super Tough Alternative to Polycarbonates.
Dr. Don Kelsey
Shell Oil (retired)
December 3, 2008
WCM 422   3:00PM

Colloquium: The Reality Behind the Hype
Mr. Martin Lindenbusch
Supervisor of Toxicology
Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory
Saturday November 8 , Nahm Auditorium  

Structure-Activity Studies of the Alzheimer's Amyloid-Beta Peptide
Dr. Michael Nichols
University of Missouri -Beta Peptide
Friday, October 24 at 3:00 PM
WCM 422

Dr Kindschi
Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy
Grand Valley State University
Sponsored by the Center for Cooperative Phenomena

Elucidating Euler
October, 23 at 1:00 pm
WCM 228

Science, Mathematics, and Religion: Views of Reality
October, 23 at 4:00 pm
Nahm Auditorium in the WCM building

Catalysis in the Synthesis of Chemists
Dr. Gautam Bhattacharyya
Department of Chemistry
Clemson University
Friday October 17   
3:00 PM, TBA

Enlightened Reflections: Optical Properties of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles
Dr. Christine Aikens
Department of Chemistry
Kansas State University
Thursday, September 4
4:00 PM, TBA


Spring 2008

Dr. Martin Zwick
Professor of Systems Science at Portland State University
Systems Metaphysics: A Bridge from Science to Religion
Thursday, April 17th
4:00 PM  WC Morris Nahm Auditorium
Sponsored by the Center for Cooperative Phenonmena

Dr. Frank V. Bright
Molecularly Tailored Xerogel Platforms for Chemical Sensing
Department of Chemistry
University at Buffalo
The State University of New York
Thursday, April 10, 2008
4:00 PM
WCM 422

Dr. Gary Emmert
Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Memphis
Thursday, February 28, 2008
4:00 PM
WCM 422

Fall 2007

Dr. Don Kelsey
Formerly of Shell Oil and Distinguished UCM Alumnus
Development and Properties of Corterra(TM) Polyester: Not Your Father's Polyester!
Tuesday, November 27
4:00 PM
WCM 422

Dr. Thomas Holme (colloquium speaker)
Department of Chemistry
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Boron and Biological Chemistry
Saturday, November 3
10 AM – 12 PM
Nahm Auditorium

Dr. Ursula Goodenough
Washington University
Presenting will be presenting two talks on 11/1/07
"What Green-Algal Sexuality Can Tell Us About the Origins of Sexuality" 
2:00 pm WCM 322 
"The History of Nature: Why Don't We Teach It In Our Schools?" 
3:30 pm, Nahm Auditorium. Refreshments will be available before the talk

co-sponsored by the Center for Cooperative Phenomena and the Dept. of Biology and Earth Science.

Professor Gregory Derry
Professor of Physics at Loyola College
The Sacred and Mundane Apprehension of Nature
Thursday, at 4 p.m
WCM 422 on October 18
Structure and Composition of Alloy Crystal Surfaces
12:30 p.m. October 18
at a location to be announced
Professor Derry's Seminars are hosted by:
The Center for Cooperative Phenomena

Dr. J. Douglas Patterson
Assoc. professor of Astronomy
Johnson county community college
Ulysses:  Exploring the Sun from Pole to Pole
Wednesday, October 10
4:00 PM
WCM 422

Dr. Sundeep Rayat  
Department of Chemistry
Kansas State University
Photoignitable DNA Cleaving Prodrugs for Chemotherapy: Photochemistry
of Tetrazolethiones
Friday September 14   
3:00 PM
WCM 422

Spring 2007

Dr. Brett Znosko
St. Louis University
Designing Models to Predict the Stability of Naturally Occuring Secondary Structure Motifs in RNA
Friday, March 16
WCM 422

Ms. Gija Geme
University of Memphis
Developing Analytical Methods for the On-Line Monitoring of Drinking Water
Monday, January 22
WCM 422

Dr.Thomas Spudich
United States Military Academy
The Use of Micromirror Arrays in Spectroscopy
Friday, January 19
WCM 422

Dr. Jing You
Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center
Chemical Approaches for Assessing Risks of Sediment-Associated Contaminants
Thursday, January 18
WCM 422

Dr.Annette Moser
University of Nebraska-Kearney
Use of Affinity Ligands in Chromatography for Pharmaceutical and Environmental Analysis
Tuesday, January 16
WCM 422

Fall 2006

Annual Colloquium
Dr. Daryle H. Busch
University of Kansas
Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor
Past President of the American Chemical Society
Green Chemistry Institute and the Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis
W.C. Morris Building, Nahm Auditorium
10:00 AM
Reception after colloquium

Dr. Mark Jackson
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL
"What's So Super About Superstrings?"
W.C. Morris Science Building, Room 422
2:00 PM
Hosted by the Center for Cooperative Phenomena
Reception before seminar

Dr. Franklin Potter
University of California-Irvine
"Synergy and the Fate of Humankind"
W.C. Morris Science Building, Room 422
4:00 PM
Hosted by the Center for Cooperative Phenomena
Book signing and reception before seminar
Mad About Modern Physics: Braintwisters, Paradoxes, and Curiosities
by Franklin Potter and Christopher Jargodzki

Spring 2006

Dr. Simon Mwongela
Department of Chemistry, University of California-Irvine
Surfactants for Bioanalytical and Environmental Separtions in Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography
W.C. Morris Science Building, Room 422
4:00 PM

Mr. Xiaoxuan Shen
Department of Chemistry, New Hampshire University
Indirect Fluorescence Detection of Amino-Containing Compounds Following Liquid Chromatographic Separation
W.C. Morris Science Building, Room 422
4:00 PM

Dr. James H. Wynne
Naval Research Laboratory
Title roughly, self-decontaminating coatings capable of neutralizing pathogens and spores
W.C. Morris Science Building, Room 422
3:00 PM

Dr. Alvin L. Crumbliss
Department of Chemistry, Duke University
Iron and Biology: An Essential Mix
W.C. Morris Science Building, Room 422
3:00 PM

Dr. Jepkoech Tarus
Department of Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry University of Kansas
Enantiomeric Recognition of Chiral compounds by Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography and Determination of Epinephrine in Brain Microdialysates by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Electrochemical Detection
W.C. Morris Scence Buiding, Room 422
4:00 PM

Dr. Sheldon M. Williams
Centre for Research in Mass Spectrometry  York University, Toronto, Ontario Canada
Mass Spectrometry and the Study of Biologically Relevant Molecules with Metal Ions
W.C. Morris Science Buiding, Room 422
4:00 PM

Dr. Alan Gift
Department of Chemistry, Purdue University
Kinetics of Crystal Hydrate Formation; Effect of Polymer
W.C. Morris Science Building, Room 422
4:00 PM

Fall 2005

Dr. Robert Whiteley
Special Assistant to the Director, Transformation and Development Directorate, Space and Missile Systems Centers
  “Near-Earth Asteroids: Perceptions, Peril, and Promise”
Nahm Auditorium in the W.C. Morris Science Building
10:00 AM

October, 14 2005
Dr. Thomas J. Greenbowe
Professor of Chemistry
Iowa State University
“Using the Science Writing Heuristic to Improve Students Understanding of Chemistry.”
WCM 422
4:00 PM

Dr. Susan Z. Lever
Associate Professor of Chemistry
University of Missouri
“Biomedical applications of radioisotopes”
WCM 422
4:00 PM

Spring 2004

Dr. Helena Malinakova, Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry
University of Kansas
"New Organopalladium Complexes for Asymmetric Synthesis"
WCM 424
1:30 PM

Dr. Matt McIntosh, Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry
University of Arkansas
"The Role of Organic Synthesis in Drug Discovery" 
WCM 424
1:30 PM

Fall 2003

Dr. James Gates
“Why Einstein Would Love Spaghetti in Fundamental Physics”
University of Maryland
WCM 409

Spring 2003

“Analysis of Controlled Substances”
Mr Sanford Angelos
Senior Forensic Chemist
U.S. Department of Justice
Union 304/306
9:30-11:00 AM

Health Professions
Mr. Phil D. Byrne
Director of Recruiting Services
The University of Health Sciences, KC MO
WCM 422
5:00-6:00 PM

“Chemical Themes in the Movies.”
Dr. Mark Greip
Department of Chemistry
University of Nebraska
WCM 422
4:00-5:00 PM

“Analysis of Controlled Substances”
Sanford Angelos (senior forensic chemist)
U.S. Department of Justice
Union 304/306

Fall 2002

“The Unbearable Lightness of Being:  are Time and Space Real”
Dr. Christopher Jargocki
Department of Chemistry and Physics

“Computer Simulation as a Virtual Laboratory:  Looking at Liqids in Nanoscale Spaces”
Dr. Lev Gelb
Washington University

“From Chemistry to Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicine Development”
Dr. Ozzie Wong
ProQuest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Spring 2002

"NMR Structural Studies and Functions of RNA Molecules"
Dr. Jason Holland
Department of Chemistry, State University of New York-Oswego

"Studies of Matrix Metalloproteinases and Bone Phosphoproteins"
Dr. Edward Kremer

“Nano-scale Charge Transfer in Protein/Protein Complexes and Au/Organic Interfaces”
Dr. Debashish Kuila
Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University

3/22/02  3:00 PM
“Ferroelastic and Ferroelectric Domain Switching in Organic Inclusion Compounds.”
Dr. Mark Hollingsworth, Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Kansas State University

4/5/02  3:00 PM
  "Applications of quantum chemistry to surface science"    
Dr. James M. Phillips, Professor of Physics
Department of Physics, UMKC

4/19/02 4:00 PM
“Temperature-induced effects at metallic surfaces - thermal
expansion of Ag(111) and temperature-dependent kinetic
roughening during Cu/Cu(001) epitaxy”
Mr. Cristian Botez
Department of Physics, UM-Columbia