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A school counselor standing in a hallway


For many people, they find themselves being the one others turn to with problems or concerns. Counselors often say that they have always been a natural listener or helper. If that rings true for you, it just makes sense to find a career in which you can use those innate abilities! With that said, there are likely many other reasons people become counselors.

February 01, 2024
A group of people in a meeting

Why to Be a Superintendent

Being a school superintendent offers the opportunity to play an important role in shaping education. While there are many reasons to become a superintendent, I'm happy to share some of my favorite aspects.

January 01, 2024
Students using microscopes

Top Three Messages for Educators from the Barbie Movie

This summer, I took four of my grandchildren to see the “Barbie” movie. Those of you who have seen the movie know that it is full of messages. My grandchildren certainly heard the messages in the movie, but the message received varied from grandchild to grandchild. As we walked out to the car after the movie ended, the oldest of the four quietly commented on how unexpectedly deep the movie was.

December 01, 2023
Digital art of a globe and text

ChatGPT is here. What do you do now?

In 2023 ChatGPT was made available to the public via a simple web-accessible interface, allowing everyone easy access. Teachers and students alike are now quickly trying to learn more about the possibilities.

November 01, 2023


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