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Elementary Mathematics Specialist, MSE

Become a valuable resource for your colleagues as well as for your students by earning a Master of Science in Education for Elementary Mathematics Specialists. The University of Central Missouri’s online Elementary Math Specialist program will refresh and strengthen your understanding of elementary mathematical concepts and give you the tools to become an educational leader within your school or district.

The MSE in Elementary Mathematics Specialist is a high-quality advanced degree program, aligned with National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards, available to both residents and non-residents of Missouri.  After completing this UCM graduate degree program, current Missouri educators will be prepared for the DESE content exam. Missouri educators seeking to earn the Missouri EMS add-on teaching certificate must complete the required coursework and pass the content exam before applying for the add-on certificate.  Adding this certification to your credentials will qualify you for a broader range of jobs in elementary education, including leadership roles.

Online program, hands-on experience

UCM has been training educators for more than 150 years. Our effective, research-based methods prioritize experiential learning, even in distance education. The online Elementary Mathematics Specialist master’s degree program is designed to support working teachers by offering coursework in an accessible virtual environment, complemented by fieldwork conducted in your own classroom.

Additional options for mathematics educators

In addition to the MSE program, UCM offers two additional options to further your career as a mathematics educator, including an Elementary Mathematics Specialist Graduate Certificate and Elementary Mathematics Specialist, EdS.

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Affordable math specialist MSE

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Become a more effective teacher

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#1 most focused Math Ed college in MO

What you will study

UCM’s Elementary Mathematics Specialist master’s degree program builds your knowledge in three foundational areas: mathematical content, leadership and pedagogy. 

By the time you receive your UCM graduate degree, you’ll be able to demonstrate mastery of the content area, show that your students have grown as a result of your instruction and exhibit instructional leadership skills in mathematics education.

Coursework for your online Math Specialist master’s degree program may include:

  • Childhood Research and Development: Learn action-based, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, including statistical analysis. This graduate course facilitates action-based and advanced research methods for leaders in Elementary Mathematics education.
  • Mathematical Leadership for Elementary Mathematics Specialists: Research and apply concepts of teamwork, communication and leadership in elementary schools. Discover effective strategies for influencing improvements within your school and district.


Excellence in Mathematics Education

  • #1: Most Focused Master’s Degree College for Mathematics Education in Missouri (College Factual, 2022)
  • #1: Most Focused College for Mathematics Education in Missouri (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 5.5%: Most Focused Master’s Degree Colleges for Mathematics Education (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 10%: Most Focused Colleges for Mathematics Education (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 15%: Most Focused Colleges for Education (College Factual, 2022)


Unique learning opportunities for elementary math specialists

The University of Central Missouri emphasizes hands-on learning — even when the degree program is remote. While earning your online Elementary Math Specialist certification, you’ll have ample opportunities to put your coursework into practice:

  • Collaborative education: UCM’s Elementary Mathematics Specialist degree candidates often tell us how much they value the open, supportive nature of the graduate program. Learn from your peers as well as from our expert faculty, sharing knowledge and best practices from school districts around the state.
  • Internships: Master elementary mathematics pedagogy by applying it in your own classroom. Fieldwork for the Elementary Mathematics Specialist program takes place in your current classroom, school or district. Working in your own educational and administrative environment is effective, convenient and flexible — just one of the ways UCM supports your needs as a working educator.
  • Professional development: Pursuing your Elementary Math Specialist certification indicates a commitment to advancing your role in your field as well as in your school or district. In addition to the leadership skills and networking facilitated by program coursework, UCM connects Elementary Mathematics Specialist graduate students with regional and national professional organizations and encourages conference attendance.


What can you do with an Elementary Math Specialist master’s degree from UCM?

UCM’s Elementary Mathematics Specialist degree program is an ideal way to develop your understanding of the content area and build leadership skills. Some program graduates use what they’ve learned to become more effective classroom teachers, while others move on to new roles in the elementary mathematics education field or pursue doctoral studies. 

The education and practical experience you’ll receive in the University of Central Missouri’s Elementary Mathematics Specialist master’s degree program will reignite your relationship with the discipline and help you become a valued leader in your school. The additional credential Missouri educators can earn at the conclusion of our graduate program — Missouri’s Elementary Math Specialist certification — will also make you a strong candidate for district-level roles involving peer training.

Jobs for elementary math specialists

Elementary mathematics specialists are in strong demand, in school districts both in Missouri and nationwide. This growth-oriented field offers many opportunities for professional advancement. Explore trends, salaries and projections for elementary mathematics specialist careers using our interactive tool below.




Financial assistance options for your Elementary Math Specialist master’s degree

A UCM graduate degree in education, respected in the field since 1871, is a strong investment in your future. Our commitment to an accessible, high-quality education means we keep our tuition rates low for in-state and out-of-state graduate students and offer generous financial aid packages. 

Your financial advisor will help you identify the best combination of loans, grants, scholarships and other programs to finance your master’s degree program. As an Elementary Mathematics Specialist student, you may be eligible for specific funds above and beyond the resources available university-wide. Learn more about what scholarships you may qualify for by using the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Take your degree further.

To maximize your career opportunities as an elementary mathematics specialist, consider UCM’s Education Specialist degree track:

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Explore programs related to mathematics.

UCM offers alternative graduate degrees in Mathematics, including:


Additional Teaching Certification

Our program leads to an advanced Missouri teaching certificate as an elementary mathematics specialist. This will open new career options for you!


Statewide Collaborative

UCM is one of six universities in Missouri working collaboratively to offer the elementary mathematics specialist program. These universities have worked together for many years to design a program that prepares you well to work as a math specialist. Courses transfer easily among these universities.


Admission Requirements

  • Current teaching certification
  • 2.5 minimum undergraduate GPA



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