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15-To-Finish Scholarship
15-To-Finish Scholarship

M.S. in Mathematics

Obtaining your Master of Science in Mathematics from UCM opens doors of opportunity. Whether you’re thinking about a promotion or career change, looking to teach higher level classes, or preparing for a Ph.D., your master’s degree will provide the advantage you need.

The M.S. in Mathematics program offers two options — Mathematics or Actuarial Science and Statistics, as well as an 18-hour Graduate Certificate in Mathematics.

Both Options Offer:


  • Faculty members who take a genuine interest in their students.
  • Graduate teaching assistantships (on-campus students).
  • Small class sizes.



The M.S. in Mathematics offers flexible formats including on-campus and 100% online options. The real-time instruction is offered in the late afternoon and evening, with some summer courses, to accommodate teachers and other working professionals.

This program is designed for recent graduates with a B.S. in Mathematics, as well as high school and community college teachers and other working professionals. The program includes core courses in abstract algebra, analysis, and topology, as well as electives in combinatorics, complex analysis, graph theory, and number theory.  


The Graduate Certificate in Mathematics is designed primarily for high school mathematics teachers who have a master's degree in education or another area, and want to be eligible to teach dual credit or community college courses.


Program Coordinator: 

Nicholas Baeth, Ph.D.



Actuarial Science and Statistics

The M.S. in Actuarial Science and Statistics is designed to fit the needs of students in actuarial science, statistics or related fields. Core courses include Applied Stochastic Processes and Multivariate Statistical Analysis, with electives in statistics, probability, actuarial science, and computer science.

Program Coordinator:
Phoebe McLaughlin, Ph.D.

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