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School of Computer Science and Mathematics

W.C. Morris Building, Room 222
Warrensburg, MO 64093
P:660-543-4930 F:660-543-8013
Dr. Xiaodong Yue, Department Chair

Department of Computer Science and Mathematics

Mathematics Education

The Mathematics Education Program in the School of Computer Science and Mathematics is designed to prepare teachers of mathematics for grades 5 - 12. Courses in the program focus on helping pre-service teachers deepen their understanding of a number of fundamental areas of mathematics, learn how to analyze and evaluate students' mathematical thinking, and become practitioners who can effectively use a variety of instructional strategies and resources. Mathematics teachers play a significant role in the lives of students and help shape the future by helping others to learn.

Completion of the Mathematics Major, Bachelor of Science in Education degree leads to certification to teach mathematics in grades 9 -12. Mathematics courses in this major include those from calculus, geometry, abstract algebra, discrete mathematics, and statistics. Students in this major also take mathematics education courses that focus on the teaching and learning of high school mathematics.

Completion of the Mathematics Minor, Bachelor of Science in Education degree leads to certification to teach mathematics in grades 5 - 9. A unique feature of this nationally recognized program is that all of the courses have been designed specifically for the pre-service middle school teacher and seek to connect the mathematics being studied to the mathematics taught at the middle school level. Elementary education majors can also choose this program as their area of concentration.

Many students who choose one of these programs also participate in the Central Missouri Mathematics Educators, a campus organization that provides prospective teachers with opportunities to discuss methods and trends in teacher education with Central faculty members and area public school teachers.

At a time when many professions are feeling the effects of "downsizing", the demand for teaching middle and high school mathematics teachers is increasing with these areas being identified at both the state and national levels as "teacher shortage areas."

To learn more about the Mathematics Education Program at UCM, contact the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, W. C. Morris 222 or call 660-543-4930.