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Creative Thinking for a Better World

Creative Thinking for a Better World (CTE 3116) is an integrative studies course that has been created for students, educators, business professionals, and virtually anyone who is interested in the study of creative problem solving. Our philosophy is that everyone has the ability to be creative, and learning how to effectively use various creative thinking tools will enhance one’s life personally and professionally when faced with the numerous problems that occur in your daily lives. The course is offered online and on-campus to fit the needs of all our students.

This course introduces students to a broad approach in studying formal techniques in creative problem solving applicable to any field of endeavor and interest.  It is designed to enhance an individual’s creative thinking and problem solving skills in which the circumstances require unique and creative solutions.  You will be exposed to individual and team-based idea generation methods, along with a variety of formal problem solving processes, which you can immediately begin applying to personal or professional challenges in your life.