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Department of Career and Technology Education

Grinstead 120
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4452
Dr. Odin Jurkowski, Chair


Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning

Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning
(15 hrs)

This entirely online program equips teachers to keep pace with the demands of virtual schools and web-enhanced classrooms. Founded in 2009, candidates gain knowledge, experience, and vision to teach online and is the core of the required courses in our master's degree. Students who want to teach online and/or include online teaching components within the traditional classroom will be interested in this program.

Required Courses:

  1. INST 5100 Foundations of Ed Tech (3 hrs)
  2. INST 5220 Communication in Online Learning (3 hrs)
  3. INST 5320 Assess and Eval Online Inst (3 hrs)
  4. INST 5330 Ed Product Dev (3 hrs)
  5. INST 5500 Online Course Development (3 hrs)

It is important to start the certificate with the very first class, INST 5100. INST 5500 should be taken in the final semester. The other courses can be taken in any order.

Qualified students who are interested in an entire Master's degree in Educational Technology may apply these courses towards the degree fulfilling some of the requirements. Students will be required to contact the Graduate School and apply for acceptance to the Master's Degree program.

Please note that award of the certificate is not an automatic process. If you want both the certificate and the master's you have to apply for both and complete paperwork at the end for both.


Student Learning Outcomes
Students will:


Students interested in a graduate certificate program must meet the admission criteria of The Graduate School of the University of Central Missouri as outlined in the Graduate Catalog. At a minimum this includes:

To apply, complete the online application form from the Graduate School web site. On the form for degree/major choose "Graduate Certificate" and "Educational Technology."

Financial Assistance:    
In accordance with federal and state financial aid regulations, a student pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning must also be fully admitted to a UCM Master of Science degree in Educational Technology in order to qualify for financial assistance.  Additional details about applying for financial aid may be found here.  

Completion of the Certificate:
The Graduate School requires that a student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 with no grade below a C in the cluster of courses required for the certificate. The courses must be completed within four years. A student may transfer a maximum of 50% of the required hours of graduate credit from another institution. During the final semester in which the student will successfully complete the last course required for a graduate certificate, the student will submit a filled Certificate Completion Form to the certificate coordinator. In this case, Dr. Odin Jurkowski

Note: The Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning does not include certification to teach in a k-12 setting. A certificate is an award of completion. The graduate certificate is higher than a bachelor's degree but less than a master's. Certification is awarded by the state, authorizing an individual to teach in a k-12 school. If you do not have certification to teach but wish to do so then contact the certification office to determine what additional course work would be required.

For more information on certificate requirements and processes, see the Graduate School document.

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