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Department of Career and Technology Education

Grinstead 120
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4452
Dr. Odin Jurkowski, Chair



The following syllabi are regularly updated and are posted here for information purposes only. For the most current and official copies for your classes be sure to contact the faculty member.

Educational Technology Courses

INST 4005 Special Projects in Instructional Technology (1-5 hrs)
INST 4100 Integrating Technology into Teaching
(3 hrs)
INST 4110 Google Educator Prep (3 hrs)
INST 4120 Google Education Trainer Prep (2 hrs)
INST 4300 Principles of Online Instruction (3 hrs)
INST 4310 Fund Development for Educational Technology (1 hr)
INST 4330 Technology Troubleshooting for Educators (2 hrs)
INST 4400 Design and Production of Media for Instruction (3 hrs)
INST 4920 Practicum in Instructional Technology (1 hr)
INST 5000 Special Projects in Educational Technology (1-3 hrs)
INST 5100 Foundations of Educational Technology (3 hrs)
INST 5220 Communication in Online Learning Communities (3 hrs)
INST 5320 Assessing and Evaluating Online Instruction (3 hrs)
INST 5330 Educational Product Development and Management (3hrs)
INST 5390 Educational Technology Leadership (3 hrs)
INST 5500 Online Course Development (3 hrs)
INST 5900 Research Methods (3 hrs)
INST 6500 Online Course Production (3 hrs)
INST 6920 Advanced Practicum in Instructional Technology (2 hrs)
INST 6930 Internship in Educational Technology (3 hrs)
INST 6950 Seminar in Educational Technology (3 hrs)
INST 6960 Research Problems in Instructional Technology (3 hrs)
INST 6990 Thesis (3 hrs, repeat up to 6)



Ed Tech Program