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Coronavirus Update

All summer classes have moved to a virtual environment. UCM offices are open to the public with updated safety measures. Please contact offices by phone or email. Visit for more information.


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What Type of Advisor Do I Need

Sometimes figuring out who to speak to is confusing.

Click below to determine which type of advisor to see for specific needs.

Success Advisor

Your success advisor is there to point you in the right direction. If you are unsure of who can help then head to see your Success Advisor. They can advise on academic performance, registration, career readiness, financial well being, getting involved, UCM culture and community, among many other things. If they do not know exactly how to help they know who you should talk to. So when in doubt go to the Success Advising Center.

Financial Aid Counselor

FA Counselors are responsible for serving students and guiding them through the financial aid process (from the initial filing of the FAFSA, the awarding of aid, disbursement, and beyond), answering questions from students and parents, and processing student financial aid files to ensure federal compliance before funds are awarded and disbursed. To find out who your FA Counselor is, click here.

Faculty Mentor

Once you have reached your Senior year you will work closely with your faculty mentor. Your Faculty Mentor is primarily responsible for helping you reach graduation and achieving immediate graduation goals. This could include guidance in coursework and plan of coursework, internship advice, career placements, evaluation of portfolio, certification exam coordinating, graduate school advice, etc.

Academic Success Coach

Academic Success Coaches are current undergraduate students who demonstrate a mastery of the holistic elements of academic success. Academic Success Coaches help students identify barriers to academic success and assist them in creating action plans for overcoming those challenges. Academic Success Coaches help the students to maximize their potential for academic success by supporting them and assisting them in gaining effective study strategies and behaviors.

Career Advisor

Career Advisors are available to help assist students with creating and executing an individualized career development plan.  Students can meet with their Careeer Advisor to discuss informational interviewing & job shadowing, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation/video mock interviews, internship/full-time job search, and graduate and professional school preparation. To learn more click here.

International Student Advisor

International Student Advisors or Designated School Officials (DSOs) are available to assist students with maintaining their valid F-1 student visa status.  Students can meet with their DSO to discuss CPT or OPT eligibility or updates, permission to travel, maintaining full-time enrollment, changing status from another visa type to an F-1 visa type, and questions about their I-20, visa, I-94 or other travel documents.

TRIO Advisor

The TRIO Advisor provides comprehensive advisement services for first-generation, low-income, and/or disability-challenged college students participating in the TRIO-Student Support Services program. These services include: academic advice, financial aid information, personal counseling; campus and outreach services referrals, career planning, assistance in establishing a strong support network, and advocacy. 

 The TRIO Advisor also assists students in developing 4- or 5- year educational plans; administrates early enrollment protocols; provides financial aid information and assistance with completing the FAFSA; enrolls participants into project courses and introduces self-enrollment procedures for other university courses; interprets University policies and procedures; advises transfer and probationary students; and discusses professional and graduate school admissions. To determine what is best for the student, the advisor conducts comprehensive advisement needs, learning styles, and career interest assessments.

To learn more about TRIO and see if you're eligible to be a part of the program click here.

Study Abroad Advisor

Your Study Abroad Advisor is responsible for assisting students to discover a study abroad program and complete all necessary steps to qualify for the study abroad process. This includes: program selection, completing study abroad applications, the course equivalency process, visa and passport process, understanding finances of study abroad, and culturally preparing for their international program. We also work hand-in-hand with department chairs and academic advisers to make sure the study abroad program fits well into a students degree. 


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