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Coronavirus Update

All summer classes have moved to a virtual environment. UCM offices are open to the public with updated safety measures. Please contact offices by phone or email. Visit for more information.


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Applying for Financial Aid

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) gives you access to the largest source of financial aid available to help you pay for your educational needs. You should also add UCM’s code 002454 so we receive your information. Below is the step-by-step guide to assist you with the proccess of applying for financial aid. You'll find complete instructions for creating your FSA ID and complete the FAFSA form on the Federal Student Aid (FSA) website.  

Add UCM’s code 002454 to your FAFSA application so we receive your information. Mo the mule has a tip

Apply for Financial Aid


 for Undergraduate, Transfer and Graduate Students

Step 1: Get admitted to UCM

  • Be admitted to UCM.
  • Be enrolled in and maintain at least half-time enrollment at UCM (classified as 6 credit hours as an Undergraduate student and 4 credit hours as a Graduate student). Most Institutional/State aid requires full time enrollment (12+ credit hours for an Undergraduate student and 9+ credit hours as a Graduate student)
  • Apply for scholarships.

Step 2: Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

What you need to do

What we do

  • Download the FAFSA information and begin processing your Financial Aid file.
  • Notify you via letter and/or E-Mail that UCM has received your FAFSA.
  • Notify you if additional documentation (via E-mail/Letter/Text) is needed before awarding.

Step 3: Meet UCM eligibility requirements

What you need to do

  • Read and understand how Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements affect your Financial Aid.
  • Ensure you are in an eligible academic program (degree-seeking).

What we do

  • For new students, we verify your admission to UCM.
  • For continuing students, we review your SAP.
  • We verify that you are in an eligible academic program (degree-seeking).

Step 4: Follow up on your financial aid

What you need to do

  • Log in to MyCentral to check for outstanding Financial Aid requirements.
  • Check your UCM E-mail for notifications.
  • Check your UCM E-mail and MyCentral regularly for status updates or new information or requests for missing information.
  • Once all of your items are completed, you are ready to go to step 5.

What we do

  • Process all paperwork. Notify you if there is missing information or documents.

Step 5: Wait to hear from UCM

What you need to do

  • Wait for your award letter in the mail. Subsequent Financial Aid communications will be sent to your UCM E-Mail account.
  • Once you get your award letter, continue to Step 6.

What we do

  • Set your Financial Aid budget.
  • Determine your eligibility for any Federal, State, Institutional, and Foundation awards.
  • Make initial awards and notify you
  • Make Adjustments as we become aware of other aid sources.

Step 6: Accept your awards

What you need to do

  • Read the Terms & Conditions of Financial Aid.
  • Log in to MyCentral, review your awards, and review your bill.
  • Determine your net cost by calculating your UCM charges and subtracting your Financial Aid. (Do not include Federal Work Study in your calculations as that is work and is earned throughout the year)
  • Accept or Decline each award.
  • Continue to Step 7.

What we do

  • We prepare your awards to disburse at the appropriate time.
  • For accepted loans, we submit information to the US Department of Education.

Step 7: Additional steps (if accepting student loans)

What you need to do

What we do

  • Wait for you to complete the additional items above.
  • Disburse your loans once these items are complete.

Step 8: Check for disbursed funds

What you need to do

  • If you completed everything in advance, the earliest disbursement in a semester occurs on the final day of the 100% Add/Drop period.
  • Check MyCentral for disbursed funds.
  • Once all funds disburse, continue to Step 9.

What we do

  • Verify your enrollment meets disbursement requirements for each award.
  • Adjust your Aid if Less than Full Time
  • Disburse your Financial Aid.

Step 9: Check for your refund

What you need to do

  • Set up your refund preference through MyCentral.
  • Be aware that some types of Financial Aid can only be used to pay for certain types of charges. Therefore, you could receive a refund even if you have outstanding charges on your student account. You are responsible for paying the balance on your account, if one remains even after you receive a Financial Aid refund.


Types of Financial Aid Available

Information about scholarship and award programs for which international students may qualify is available from UCM International Admissions and UCM Scholarship Finder. Federal Aid is dependent on your citizenship or immigration status. Please refer to the instructions on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Payment methods outside of financial aid can be found on the Payment Options page.


Summer Semester


Any student that is planning to use financial aid or an outside loan provider, must electronically complete the "Application for Summer Aid" in MyCentral on the Student Services tab. 

The application will become available the first week of March each year.

Completing the Summer application notifies your financial aid counselor of your intent to enroll for the Summer. We will review your eligibility to determine if you have any remaining or additional aid for the Summer semester. Please note that Summer aid estimates are often based upon successful completion of the Spring semester classes you are currently taking.

Only students planning to pay completely out-of-pocket do not need to complete the "Application for Summer Aid."

In addition, for a continuing UCM student (one enrolled at UCM during the 2019 Fall semester and/or 2020 Spring semester) to receive summer financial aid, (s)he must also have met the 2019/2020 Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (checked in May after 2020 Spring Semester grades have been posted).

Questions? Contact the UCM Office of Student Financial Services in person or by mail (1100 Ward Edwards Bldg.), by telephone (660-543-8266) or on-line. Summer office hours are 7:30 am. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

 2020 Summer Financial Aid

2020 Summer Financial Aid Information

For the Summer 2020 term, if eligible, you can receive an additional Pell Grant disbursement equal to a full semester amount (if in 12 hours) or half (if in 6 hours). If you are enrolled in less than 6 hours in the Summer, you can only use your remaining eligibility (if any) from 2019-2020. If enrolled in 6 hours or more, your awarded amount will be based on either your 2019-20 FAFSA or 2020-21 FAFSA, whichever is greater. The actual Pell Grant amount will be set at the time of awarding for the Summer (and will not reviewed or updated again), which occurs after the Summer Application is completed. If the 2020-21 FAFSA has not been filed or the 2020-21 financial aid file has outstanding requirements, you will be awarded from the 2019-20 FAFSA. This additional Pell Grant disbursement will count against your lifetime limit.

Be sure to carefully read the following information before you submit your Summer Application from the Student Services tab in MyCentral. It is very important that you understand this information.

To be Considered for Summer Financial Aid

To be considered for federal aid for the 2020 Summer Session, the data from your 2019/2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required to be on file with the University of Central Missouri.

1. If you have not yet done so, submit a 2019/2020 FAFSA to UCM (002454) as soon as possible at Please be aware that the federal (FAFSA) processor cannot accept a 2019/2020 FAFSA after June 30, 2020.

2. You must also submit the 2020 Summer Session Request for Federal Financial Aid (available at MyCentral in early March). The Summer Request (available in early March) is at the bottom of the page on the Student Services tab in MyCentral. Please carefully review the following information before you click on the link to submit your Request for Federal Financial Aid.

3. After your Summer Application has been reviewed by the UCM Office of Student Financial Services, the summer assistance offered will be posted at your MyCentral portal for you to accept. Your Summer Pell Grant award will be automatically accepted; you will need to accept/decline any Summer loan offers.  Click on "Financial Aid Status" under UCM Financial Aid and submit "Award Year 2019/2020"). This should occur within 2 weeks after you submit your Request for Federal Financial Aid.

Types of Federal Aid

The types of federal aid expected (but not guaranteed) to be available for the 2020 Summer Session (which is actually the third term of the 2019/2020 award year), include PLUS (parent) Loan, Pell Grant (if you're otherwise eligible), Stafford (student) Loan (if it is determined that you have remaining eligibility from the current 2019/2020 school year), and part-time employment. You can find additional information about the available types of aid on the "Applying for Aid" page under your grade level.

Requirements to Receive Federal Aid in the Summer

In accordance with federal aid regulations, please be aware that you must enroll for and attend the following minimum total number of summer credit hours. These hours can be taken at any time throughout the 2020 Summer Session:

  • Pell Grant - at least one (1) undergraduate hour, in certain circumstances. However, most students (if otherwise eligible) will need to enroll for six (6) or more undergraduate hours.
  • Stafford Loan – at least six (6) undergraduate hours or at least four (4) graduate hours.
  • Work-Study – at least six (6) undergraduate hours or at least four (4) graduate hours.
  • PLUS Loan - at least six (6) undergraduate hours. 

Very Important! If you enroll for 2020 Summer Session credit hours, receive financial assistance, but then drop one or more of your classes, some (or even all) of the summer assistance that was credited to your UCM account may have to be reversed from your account, depending on the start date of the class(es) dropped and/or the last date you attended/participated in the class(es). Therefore, be sure to enroll only for the summer classes you plan to attend and participate in, and that are required for completion of your degree/certification program.

***Satisfactory Academic Progress

The minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements that a student must maintain are that they must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 CGPA, must complete 67% of all credit attempted, and must not have exceeded one and a half times the credits required for their degree program (more than 180 credits for a Bachelor's degree).  SAP is evaluated annually in late May at the conclusion of the Spring semester after Spring grades post.

I understand that I could have my summer financial aid cancelled if I am not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements and will be responsible for the Summer charges. I also understand that I can appeal my SAP suspension with my Financial Aid Counselor to have my aid reinstated, and must provide further documentation to support this appeal.

Application of Federal Aid to Student Account

Your grant and/or loan assistance will be scheduled to credit your UCM account after your summer classes begin. The UCM Office of Student Financial Services will then provide you (by direct-deposit to your personal bank account or by a mailed UCM check) any credit balance funds remaining after your total summer charges have been satisfied. Please realize, however, that your credit balance cannot be released until after the first day of the first summer class for which you're enrolled.

Non-Degree or Visiting Students

If you’ll be classified a Non-Degree or Visiting student at UCM for the 2019 Summer Session, federal financial aid regulations prevent you from receiving any aid from UCM. For example, if your home school during the regular school year is Rhode Island State University, financial aid cannot be received from UCM (your host school) during the summer. In accordance with federal rules, a student must be fully admitted to a degree (or teaching certificate) program at UCM to qualify for assistance. 
Financial Aid Policies
The Student Financial Services office maintains a collection of policies and procedures that facilitate the financial aid process. If you are considering withdrawing or dropping a class, or have done so in the past, you should be aware of the policies and procedures that can impact your ability to keep and/or receive financial aid.


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