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Dropping a Class


You have access to drop classes through the first 2/3 of the class; however, refunds are only available during the first 9-12 working days of the course.  Make sure you are aware of the drop deadlines and refund deadlines. These are accessible in MyCentral in the Student Services tab, choose "Check Refund and Withdrawal Dates".

If you have a hold on your account you will not be able to drop a class without assistance. Contact your academic advisor or the Registrar's Office by email (from your UCM account) to assist with the drop. If the class is graduate level, contact the Graduate School.

After dropping a class, print off a new copy of your schedule or save a new copy of your Central Degree Audit for your records.  This is your receipt and your proof of the drop.

If you drop a course...

  • before the 100% refund date for the course - there will be no record of the course withdrawal on your transcript (your permanent academic record).
  • after the 100% refund date for the course - you will receive a grade of "W" (withdrawal) on your transcript (your permanent academic record). A "W" grade has no impact on your grade point average.

Know the consequences of a course drop before you drop the class.

  • Does your course drop put you below full time status? 
  • Will this have an impact on your car or health insurance? 
  • Will this have an impact on your scholarships or loans?
  • Are you a student who must maintain certain enrollment criteria (student athletes, international students)? 
  • Does dropping this class impact future semester enrollments? For example, if you are dropping ENGL 1020 this semester, you cannot take ENGL 1030 next semester. Be sure to explore any long term effects of your course drop.

If you are enrolled in a class that has a lecture and a laboratory, you will need to drop both sections of the class.  More questions?  Visit the Registrar for more information about adding, dropping, or waitlisted classes.

Dropping all of your classes is considered Withdrawal.  Learn more.


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