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Semester Payment Information

Students are required to pay their account balances by published deadlines using one of the following payment options:

  • Payment in full
  • Installment Payment Plan
  • Confirmed Financial Aid greater than account balance

According to the Financial Responsibility Agreement, students must pay all outstanding balances and/or be current on their payment plan before being eligible to re-enroll or receive transcripts. Please ensure that you meet the payment date deadlines to keep your student account in good standing to avoid having a hold placed on the account.  Learn more about Summer, Fall & Spring semester payments. (You can zoom in the pdf file for better viewing if you open it in the browsers)

All students are obligated to pay promptly all charges owed on their account, including payment plan fees, collection agency referral-fees, and other reasonable collection costs to collect unpaid balances.

Methods of Payment

UCM accepts in-person payments up to 30 minutes prior to close, in the Student Financial Services Office, Ward Edwards, Suite 1100 of:

  • Money Order/Cash/Demand Draft 
  • Debit Card*
  • Check/Cashier's/Bank Certified/Travelers** 

 *PIN may be required for in person transactions.

**See Returned Payment Section

The following payment types may also be made online through the MyCentral or Authorized User UCM Payment Center Portal:

  • Debit Card
  • Check **
  • Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) - Service Fee Applies***

*Online debit is possible if your bank allows purchases without use of a PIN.

**See Returned Payment Information

***A nonrefundable fee of 2.85% of the amount being paid is assessed by the processor; the University does not share in this fee.

Please Note: Checks from certain types of accounts cannot be processed electronically through the UCM Payment Center (Ex: Trust, Money Market, Investment Account, College Savings Plan and Corporate Checks).  Credit Card checks and counter checks are unable to be accepted.

The following types of payments are also accepted via Mail:

  • Money Order/Demand Draft 
  • Check/Cashier's/Bank Certified/Travelers 
  • 529 College Savings Plan 
  • Other state prepaid plans - Please see Third Party Payments

Please include the student's name and/or 700# with the payment or on the payment method. 

Mailing Address:

Attn: Student Financial Services 
1100 Ward Edwards Building
University of Central Missouri
PO Box 800
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Returned Payments

Personal checks written to the University of Central Missouri and E-checks will be electronically debited from the customer's checking account. Any check remittance returned by the bank as unpaid may be electronically submitted for repayment the maximum number of times allowed by law. In the event that the transaction is still returned unpaid, the customer agrees the student account will be charged a return check fee of $25 plus the original amount of the payment that was initially credited to the account.

Special Student Populations - Avoid Payment Plan Fees

Financial Aid: Make sure your Financial Aid requirements have been completed and your aid is ready to disburse prior to the payment in full due date. If Financial Aid does not cover your entire balance, the remaining balance is due according to published payment dates.

Third Party: Ensure your letter of credit or sponsorship voucher has been received in our office prior to the payment in full due date.

Military and Veterans: Complete all required steps with the Office of Military and Veteran Services; completing the Veterans Certification Request Form each semester and providing your Certificate of Eligibility to the VA Certifying Official before the semester begins is imperative to avoid payment plan fees.

Third Party Payments

Military and Veteran tuition assistance, Vocational Rehabilitation, Federal or State aidScholarships, and Employer tuition assistance are the most common forms of third party payments.

Please ensure all required applications and steps have been completed with the third party to ensure timely payment to your student account.

Remaining fees or charges not covered by the third party are due upon billing. Failure to remit payment by the billing due date will result in late fees being assessed and/or failure to process your registration for the following semester.  Exceptions for Chapter 31 and 33 recipients.  

State prepaid plans - The Account owner must contact their plan administrator to begin the process. Once the account owner has completed all required documentation with their plan administrator, the prepaid program will send UCM a third party billing authorization letter.

The Plan Administrator may mail documentation to:

University of Central Missouri
Student Financial Services
PO Box 800
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in most states (including Missouri) is an agency designed to help persons with physical and/or mental impairments become gainfully employed. In the State of Missouri, the program is administered by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

 A wide range of services are offered and the Vocational Rehabilitation counselor assigned to you will determine which services you may benefit from. An individualized plan for employment will then be developed to assist you in becoming employed. Its then your responsibility to put forth your best effort to complete this plan.

With regard to the financial aid programs available at the University of Central Missouri, one of the Vocational Rehabilitation services offered is training to prepare you for employment. At no (or reduced) cost to you, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation may pay some or all the costs you'll incur to attend UCM, including tuition and fees, books and required supplies, and even basic living and transportation expenses.

However, before these benefits can be approved by your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, you'll be required to apply for the other financial assistance for which you qualify. This includes completing and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Detailed information about applying for financial assistance to attend UCM is available on the Applying for Aid page.

Important: Please realize that the total amount of federal, state, UCM, and other financial assistance you may be receiving, including all Vocational Rehabilitation benefits for which you qualify (monthly 'maintenance' benefits too), is not permitted to exceed your assigned Cost of Attendance. In fact, your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor may even have to reduce your benefits according to the total amount of grant and scholarship assistance you're receiving.

Questions about applying for Vocational Rehabilitation benefits should be directed to your area Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Office.

Embassy or Government Sponsorship

If you are sponsored by your government, please ensure a copy of your financial guarantee has been provided to our third-party SFS office contact, so that we may invoice the appropriate sponsor.

Fees or charges that are not covered by the sponsor's guarantee are due upon billing. Failure to remit payment by the billing due date will result in late fees being assessed and/or failure to process your registration for the following semester.

International Payments

International Payment methods may also include wire, government sponsorship, and demand draft.

UCM has partnered with Flywire to provide you with a quick, easy, and secure method to make international payments.  Flywire is the leading payment processor for educational institutions all over the world; with the ability to track your transaction, you can pay with confidence.

Flywire Benefits:

  • Track your payment from start to finish
  • Make secure payments in more than 150 currencies, online from banks worldwide
  • Save money on bank fees and exchange rates
  • Multilingual customer support 24x7 
  • Avoid fraud and tuition payment scams
  • More payment methods:  international credit and debit cards (additional international payment options may be available-varies by country)
  • App Store or Google Pay mobile app downloads to make payments and receive status updates

 Visit Flywire to make a payment. 

How Flywire Works

Visit Flywire to learn more about "How it works" and their support site to answer any question you may have about the process.

Documentation for Bank Managers

Some international bank managers, may ask for additional information regarding the methods of payment accepted by the University. The letter below has been provided for your convenience:

Memo Regarding International Payments

Additional International Payment Methods

U.S. currency (cash), checks from stateside bank accounts, and credit card payments are also accepted according to the same guidelines as domestic students; details are available in the "Methods of Payment" section on this page. Other accepted methods of international payment include:

Demand Draft

You may pay with a demand draft during scheduled office hours on the Warrensburg campus. Please note the following requirements:

  • The demand draft must be made in U.S. currency
  • Must be drawn on a bank located in the United States
  • Total amount of draft may not exceed charges billed for the semester
  • Pay to the order of the University of Central Missouri

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there scholarships for International students?

Information regarding UCM scholarships for international students is available through International Admissions and the UCM Scholarship Finder, the University's online scholarship application.

Can students from other countries get U.S. financial aid?

Federal Aid is dependent on your citizenship or immigration status. Please see Federal Student Aid's "Basic Eligibility Criteria" section, specifically the definition of an "eligible noncitizen."  

When is my payment due?

Full payment for each semester is as follows:

  • Fall semester is due August 20
  • Spring semester is due January 20
  • Summer semester (if applicable) is due May 20

More information about billing, payments, refunds and outstanding student account balances can be found on this page.

I'm getting a loan from my bank in India; can I use Flywire?

Yes, please see specific details at to understand how the process works. Other payment options are discussed on this page in the International Payments section.

How much should I pay?

Please refer to the tuition and fee charges on the I-20 that was prepared for you by the International Office. Student Financial Services can only accept payment per semester for what is billed; this will include:

  • tuition
  • mandatory fees
  • international insurance (amount varies)
  • new student fee ($50), charged only the first semester
  • international student services fee ($100 per semester)
  • room and board - only if living on campus and billed by Housing

These totals are included on the I-20 as a total for two semesters. You will need to divide the charges listed above in half to get the estimated cost per semester.

Overpayment to the University is not permitted, therefore, if bringing a demand draft, ensure the amount is only for the amount expected to be billed. A letter has been prepared for bank managers that would like official clarification.


Installment Payment Plan Information & Due Dates

Installment Payment Plan Information

As a service to our students and families, Student Financial Services offers a five-month installment payment plan for Fall and Spring semesters and a three-month plan for Summer semester.   If you do not have authorized aid to cover your balance at billing, you will automatically be enrolled in the installment plan if your balance is $50 or more.  Upon enrollment, you will receive an email notification directing you to login to the UCM Payment Center on the Student Financial Services tab in MyCentral to see your installment amounts.  Please allow 24-48 hours for your installment amount due to update as aid is authorized, payments are made, and charges are incurred.  Please confirm your installment amount due in the UCM Payment Center before making your monthly payment.

Installment Plan Terms and Conditions

Payment Due Dates

Fall and Spring Payment Dates

Aug. 20 Total "Amount Due" Jan. 20
Aug. 20

Anyone with an unpaid balance will automatically be placed on a payment plan.

Students will receive confirmation via email notification.

A 1.5% payment plan fee, assessed on your declining, unpaid balance, is added monthly.

Your monthly payment plan amount is determined by your current balance due and can be found in your UCM Payment Center.

Jan. 20
Sep. 15 Feb. 15
Oct. 15 Mar. 15
Nov. 15 Apr. 15
Dec. 15 May 15

The 16th of the month, the University assesses a 1.5% monthly fee based on the unpaid balance for charges previously billed but not paid in full. The fee is assessed on the 16th of the month (Sep.-Dec.; Feb.-May).

Summer Payment Dates

May 20 Total "Amount Due"
May 20

Anyone with an unpaid balance will automatically be placed on a payment plan.

Students will receive confirmation via email notification.

A 1.5% payment plan fee, assessed on your declining, unpaid balance, is added monthly.

Your monthly payment plan amount is determined by your current balance due and can be found in your UCM Payment Center.

June 15
July 15

The 16th of the month, the University assesses a 1.5% monthly fee based on the unpaid balance for charges previously billed but not paid in full. The fee is assessed on the 16th of the month (June, July).

Miss a Payment?

Please contact our office at (660) 543-8266 or through the Student Financial Services online contact form so we can help you get current and plan future payments. Missing payment date deadlines may result in a hold placed on the account.


Account Holds

 A hold on a student account may occur for many reasons; ultimately, its use is warranted when immediate action is needed by the student to resolve a concern. Student Financial Services may place a hold on an account for the following reasons:
  • The Student Financial Responsibility Agreement has yet to be acknowledged.
  • Payment on your account is past due.
  • A charge remains on your account that your aid is not authorized to pay.
  • Your bank has returned your payment unpaid.


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