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History at UCM

Understanding today's complex world and seeking the best vision for tomorrow.

M.A. in History at UCM

Explore the depths of history and discover new ways to think about the past.

Social Studiesat UCM

Explore innovative techniques and proven methods for a career in education.

Africana Studies at UCM

Discover multicultural contributions throughout history and inspire change.

Anthropology at UCM

Contribute to the rich diversity of the rapidly changing world.

Welcome Letter

Welcome from the Department Chair

Dr. Eric Tenbus, Department Chair


Our primary objective is to help you achieve your educational goals by completing your college degree, while also offering you an affordable university education to help you develop an appreciation for a lifetime of learning. With our liberal arts foundation leading to greater specialization, the Department of History, Anthropology, Africana Studies and Social Studies at UCM provides a challenging and engaging college experience both inside and outside the classroom at the exceptional value for which this university is known.


Whether you plan to major or minor in History, Anthropology, Social Studies, or Africana Studies, we are proud to welcome you into a departmental environment of:

  • academic energy, where our programs in history, social studies, anthropology, and Africana studies help you to expect and achieve student success;
  • innovation, for example, where you can pursue a unique history degree in which you can choose elective course combinations in business, web management, geographic information systems, or law; or you can take courses in anthropology, history, and Africana Studies to develop your interest in public history;
  • scholastic achievement, where the professors teach you to understand and achieve the very academic success that they themselves have in their own respective research careers;
  • life-long learning, where you can join us in developing the intellectual curiosity and cultural literacy for that educational journey we call life, which does not end with graduation but encourages you to be an active learner far into the future.

In these pages you will learn about our decorated faculty who are committed to teaching and research within their respective fields. You will discover the many course offerings that exist in these programs that will provide you with a global intellectual perspective and allow you to become an informed and active citizen within our democracy. You will also discover what scholarships and career paths are open to major and minors in History, Anthropology, Social Studies and Africana Studies.


If you have any questions about the programs and opportunities you see here, or would like to visit and sit in on one of our classes, please do not hesitate to contact me at


We look forward to meeting you in our classrooms one day soon. Thank you for visiting the Department of History and Anthropology website.




Eric G. Tenbus, PhD

Professor of History and Department Chair