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History at UCM

Understanding today's complex world and seeking the best vision for tomorrow.

M.A. in History at UCM

Explore the depths of history and discover new ways to think about the past.

Social Studiesat UCM

Explore innovative techniques and proven methods for a career in education.

Africana Studies at UCM

Discover multicultural contributions throughout history and inspire change.

Anthropology at UCM

Contribute to the rich diversity of the rapidly changing world.

Master of Arts Program



Welcome to the graduate program in History. "Learning to a Greater Degree" in our program equates to engaged learning that focuses on connecting the classroom with real world experience and training.  Each of the three options for earning a Master's Degree in History from UCM provides students with the opportunities to learn content and practice skills that are applicable to a wide variety of careers in government, education, law, international affairs, and public history, to name a few.  Students can focus on areas of specialization that include U.S., African American, European, Asian, military, and women's history.  Some classes are held in the evenings and online to further accomodate your schedule.


Our three program tracks include:



The enrichment track is designed for secondary school educators who wish to enrich their content knowledge.  This track focuses on seminars aimed at deeper understanding of the historical field and related changes in interpretation within the field.  This track is ideal if you want to study history for intellectual self-fulfillment, to improve your teaching, or for other vocational reasons.  It requires four seminars and a comprehensive exam to graduate, although there is no thesis or capstone project.


Applied Public History

The applied public history track will prepare you for a variety of diverse career paths in public history.  This track requires hands-on learning through internships and projects.  Students have completed this work in places such as Arrow Rock State Historical Site, Harry S Truman Library and Museum, and the National Archives, Central Plains Region, in Kansas City.  To graduate in this track you will also be required to complete the comprehensive exam.



The pre-doctoral track will prepare you to enter a competitive Ph.D. program in history.  It incorporates a foreign language or quantitative analysis component.  You will also have the chance to work closely with a faculty advisor on your thesis.  To graduate, you will complete the coursework with a comprehensive exam and then complete a thesis based on original research.



Admission Requirements for the Program:


*Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75

*Minimum 3.0 GPA in at least 20 hours of undergraduate history courses


To be sure that your application for admission to the MA Program in History is processed for the fall semester, and that you are able to schedule an interview with the graduate coordinators before classes begin, it is recommended that you submit your application by April 15.  For admission and interviews to begin in a spring or summer semester, it is recommended that you submit the application by November 15.


You can find more information on planning your program in the Graduate Student Handbook link to the left.



Contact Us


The Graduate Coordinator is Dr. Micah Alpaugh. He can be reached in his office in Wood Hall 136L (phone: (660) 543-8707, and email: