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Graduate Student Handbook


The Graduate Student Handbook is a guide to supplement the information found in the Graduate Student Catalog.  This information does not supersede University regulations or requirements, but is intended to provide information for the most frequently asked questions for students in our program.



Access to the current handbook as a .pdf file is located here: Graduate Student Handbook



General information about the program that may be useful for prospective students includes the admissions requirements, a generalized program of study, and scholarship opportunities. 



Admission Requirements

*Minimum overall grade point average of 2.75

*Minimum grade point average of 3.0 in at least 20 hours of undergraduate history courses



Generalized Program of Study


Required Graduate Courses for all Areas of Concentration
Required Core Courses
9 hours
HIST 5350 Colloquiums (1 U.S. and 1 Non-U.S. History): 6 hours  
HIST 5400 Historical Methods and Historiography: 3 hours  
Graduate Electives in History
5-13 hours
Required Concentration Courses (see tables below)
8-16 hours
Minimum Graduate Hour Total:
30 hours total



These charts show the required courses for concentrations.  These fit into the chart above and are included in the required minimum 30 graduate hours.


Area I: Pre-Doctoral
8-16 hours
HIST 6350 Thesis (4-6 hours)
Graduate Electives (2-6 hours)


Area II: Applied Public History
12 hours
HIST 5500 Public History Internship (3 hours)  
HIST 5550 Public History Project (3 hours)  
HIST 4340 Public History (3 hours)  

ANTH 4860 Museum Studies (3 hours) OR

ANTH 4840 Historical Archaeology



Area III: Enrichment
8-16 hours
HIST 5350 Colloquium (6 hours)
Graduate Electives (2-10 hours)



Scholarship Opportunities


Students can apply for departmental Graduate Assistantships online through the Graduate School's website.  These include tuition reimbursement and a small stipend.  Two letters of recommendation and transcripts are required.


There are also two departmental scholarships.  The deadline for these applications is March 1 and you must apply through the Foundation website:


The Alfred E. Twomey Graduate Scholarship in History is awarded annually in the amount of $500.  To be eligible, a student must be full-time and in good academic standing at UCM, and they must be pursuing an MA degree in history and have a minimum overall GPA of 3.25.


The Arthur F. McClure II Archives Scholarship is awarded periodically in the amount of at least $500.  To be eligible a student must be full-time and in good academic standing at UCM, must be pursuing a degree in history with an interest in historical archives, must demonstrate leadership and service, and must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in his or her major.  The recipient will be asked to work during the semester for a minimum of 40 hours in the McClure Archives.