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Dr. Cathy (Catherine) Hodge McCoid


Professor Emeritus of Anthropology



Dr. McCoid is still active in anthropology, having presented a paper on April 22, 2016 at the South Western Anthropology Association Meetings in San Diego, California, which was co-authored by her and LeRoy McDermott, UCM Professor Emeritus of Art History. The paper, titled “Women Artists Representing Themselves in the European Upper Paleolithic,” was well received and marked the twentieth anniversary of an influential article McCoid and McDermott wrote in the American Anthropologist in 1996. Both works examined Professor McDermott’s research and theory that women were the sculptors and asked why did it take so long for women to be recognized as the artists of such figurines as the so-called “Venus" of Willendorf? In the current paper, the authors argue that intellectual elitism, structural sexism, racism, and classism were all factors which kept those women from being recognized as the artists, and their paper also discussed the censorship that went on in even prestigious journals twenty years ago.