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History at UCM

Understanding today's complex world and seeking the best vision for tomorrow.

M.A. in History at UCM

Explore the depths of history and discover new ways to think about the past.

Social Studiesat UCM

Explore innovative techniques and proven methods for a career in education.

Africana Studies at UCM

Discover multicultural contributions throughout history and inspire change.

Anthropology at UCM

Contribute to the rich diversity of the rapidly changing world.

Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do with a History Degree?


As a traditional liberal arts degree, history challenges the mind with emphasis on critical thinking and communication skills. Some study history to prepare for a collegiate research and teaching career in history. Others study history as one of the most traditional and best paths to Law School. Many use their history degrees to begin careers in public history, such working as a museum curator, an archivist for a historical archive, or for the state parks system. Studies also show that Corporate America wants more liberal arts majors in running its businesses and combining a history major with a business degree makes for a much stronger candidate for a career in the business world. For more on what you can do with a history degree, check our career planning page.


I want to teach high school history and social studies. What should I major in?


Your most direct route to a degree to teach high school history and social studies would be the Bachelor of Science degree in Social Studies. This prepares you specifically to teach at the high school level by including the education component necessary for teacher certification.


Why are there two degrees in history, a Bachelors of Arts and a Bachelor of Science?


These two programs are very similar, but there are differences between them. The BA degree is the traditional degree in history and it is for students who most likely want to go to graduate school in history or perhaps English or psychology or law. As with all Bachelor of Arts degrees at UCM, it includes a modern languages requirement as part of your curriculum (many graduate degrees require proficiency in a foreign language). The BS degree was created for those who most likely will not be going to graduate school and thus do not need the modern language training. The BS degree also has some optional professional tracks in courses (e.g., business management, geographic information systems, law, web management, etc) that you can combine with history to enrich your undergraduate degree with a complementary and more marketable professional skillset.  Apart from those two differences, these two degrees are the same.


Can I get a minor or double major with a history or social studies degree?


It’s very easy to add a minor or double major to your history degree. In fact, we highly encourage it. There is a lot of elective room for such additions in either the BA or BS in history. Popular minors that go with history majors are anthropology, English, and political science. While it is not impossible, it is less easy to add a minor or double major to the BSE in Social Studies because, in effect, that degree is a double major already with its content area (history, anthropology, political science, etc) and education area pieces. There just is not as much elective space. However, taking summer classes or more than 15 hours would allow you to add a minor or double major to Social Studies.


 How many hours is a BA/BS in History or a BSE in Social Studies?


The BA/BS in History are both 120 hour degree programs. The BSE in Social Studies is 121-124 hours.


For history majors, what classes should I take first?


If you plan to major in history (BA or BS), we require that you take the survey history courses first, some of which count for your General Education history requirement. These courses are HIST 1350, HIST 1351, HIST 2400, HIST 2401, and HIST 2402. Once you take these five courses and have at least a 2.50 GPA in those five classes, you can apply for entry into the history program by meeting with one of the history major advisors in the department.


Does the Department of History and Anthropology offer scholarships?


The department does offer scholarships for students in history, social studies, anthropology, and Africana studies. Please see this MoCents for more information on applying for scholarships.


Can I do a history or social studies degree online?


The Department of History and Anthropology does not offer these degrees online, nor do we believe that a totally online education in these disciplines is the way to go. We believe that classroom interaction and discussion develops necessary interpersonal skills one cannot get from an online course. We do, however, offer online courses, both at the survey and upper-level, but we do not offer a complete degree online.


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