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Junior Mule Experience

Elliott Union 301
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4342

Junior Mule Experience

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This summer, the University of Central Missouri is pleased to present the first annual Junior Mule Experience. Your student will have the opportunity to take classes on a college campus, with curriculum specifically designed for your students’ age range. We have designed classes that will teach your Junior Mule both academic skills as well as important life skills.


Important Information for 2018


Available Classes




Camps for Grades 1 through 7


May 29 – June 1


Make Some Art!

In this class we will be making art with lots of different materials, like maybe paint, pencils, pens, glue, scissors, markers, fabric, oil pastels, found objects, yarn, and I don't know what all! We'll work BIG. We'll work small. We will explore art and art making and maybe even learn a little about ourselves. We will get messy and we will have a blast! You will take home several art projects at the end of the camp! Register Here!


Join the Fun as a Mini-Mixer!

Along with daily take home creations, Junior Mules will have a hands-on experience while learning the basic principles when working with dough and batter. A kitchen adventure awaits your student.  Getting messy is part of the fun as we bake homemade bread, scrumptious cookies, colorful cake pops, and fresh oven pizza. Register Here!


Star in Your Own Musical!

From constructing props, designing costumes, running choreography, rehearsing scenes, and starring in musical numbers, this camp is for the dramatic, musical, and creative child in your life! Students will learn and perform a miniature musical together and master both on and off stage components of the wonderful world of show business! Register Here!


Where does your food come from?

Students will learn about the basic methods of food production including fruit and vegetable production and farm animal livestock production. This course will help students understand how farmers provide food for our community. The Junior Mules will visit the UCM farms, greenhouse and a working dairy farm. Register Here!


Zombie Apocalypse Survival

Let's do some hand on activities to role play the actions fire fighters, law enforcement, and other government officials take to protect the public from hazardous materials when they are released from their containers. Learn to use the Emergency Response Guidebook to find out what emergency responders know. You will obtain information that you can entertain your family with while helping them become prepared. We will use the Zombie Apocalypse scenario to plan how to respond if something bad happens in our community. Register Here!


Make it Go!

Are you interested in robots? Do want to learn how to tell them what to do? Come and learn to program robots and learn the basic principles of coding. You will have a blast playing with Dash and Dot as you help them solve puzzles and tell knock knock jokes. No experience necessary! Register Here!


Ukulele Camp

Campers will learn how to play the concert ukulele. In this student-driven group musical camp, campers will learn basic chords and their favorite popular songs! No previous ukulele experience is required for your child to take part in this awesome music-making opportunity! Register Here!