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Master of Arts in Teaching

Lovinger Building Room 3155
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8641
Dr. Dawna Butterfield, Chair

Master of Arts in Teaching

Starting a family? Ready for a career change? Did you always want to teach? Learn how to turn your passion for teaching into a career at the University of Central Missouri.

The University of Central Missouri's Master of Arts in Teaching is a two-year, graduate-level program that enables professionals with their bachelor's degree to become certified teachers.

UCM has options to fit your lifestyle with the MAT degree available online, in Lee’s Summit and in Warrensburg.

Step 1:
You must have an undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 2.75. Your undergraduate degree can be in any area or concentration.

Step 2:
Apply to UCM through Graduate Studies.

Step 3:
Choose an area of concentration, either Middle School or Secondary, and identify the discipline you would like to teach. The Master of Arts in Teaching offers many different areas of concentration.

If you are not sure, don’t worry. Many future teachers enter the program undecided. You can have several certification plans outlined for different disciplines before finalizing your specialty.

Step 4:

Contact the Clinical Services and Certification Office to develop a certification plan. A UCM faculty member will help you develop a certification plan tailored to your needs based on your past coursework. You will need to bring an unofficial copy of your transcript.

Your certification plan and the 30-hour MAT Program of Study will help you organize the coursework needed to complete your MAT and teaching certification.

Step 5:
After you have a certification plan, your MAT graduate advisor will assist you in selecting your courses. The MAT courses are offered every semester, and most can be taken at any sequence.

Within the first 12 hours of your studies, you will need to take EDFL 5900 or an advisor-approved alternative research course. As a graduate-level degree, research is emphasized in the MAT program.

After you have completed at least 24 hours of your coursework, you will take the EDFL 5100 internship, which will include student teaching or being a contracted teacher. A portfolio is required.

Step 6:
Update your cover letter, resume and interview skills to an educational focus and register with UCM Career Services.

Step 7:
After you complete your MAT program, take the Missouri Praxis to become state certified in your area.

Still have questions?
We’ve got answers.

Ready to turn your passion into your career?

Contact Dr. Terrell Brown
Assistant Professor and EdFL Graduate Program Coordinator
Lovinger Building, Room 3155
Phone: 660-543-8678

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