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Master of Science in Mathematics Testimonial University of central Missouri
Master of Science in Mathematics Testimonial
Testimonial about M.S. in Math program at UCM
UCM's M.S. In Mathematics is now offered in Lee's Summit Missouri
M.S. in Math program at the University of Central Missouri includes a Fulbright instructor


Thesis and Comprehensive Exam Options

A student is strongly encouraged to take the Thesis option, if he/she plans to continue onto a doctoral program. Mathematics faculty at UCM are actively engaged in research activities which result in peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings publications. In addition, Mathematics faculty attend and/or present at professional meetings, participate in workshops/seminars in areas related to their specialties and are involved in other related professional activities (e.g. editor of a professional journal, referee for peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, hold an office in a regional, national or international organization, etc.). Faculty areas of interest include Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Differential Equation, Control Theory, Cryptology, Number Theory, Statistics, Actuarial Science, etc. The following is a list of our recently completed Thses.

Thesis Title
2014 Factorizations of Upper-triangular Toeplitz Matrices
2013 Prelude and Fugue on a Theme of Factorization
2013 Monoids Defined by a Single Linear Homogeneous Equation
2013 Factorization in Semigroups of Upper-triangular Matrices
Nth Roots of Matrices
Characteristics of Counter Example Loops in the Collatz Conjecture
Irreducible Divisor Simplicial Complexes
Theory and Computation of Ruin Probability for Mixed Exponential Distributions
Enumerating Atoms of Block Monoids
Irreducible Divisor Graphs and Numerical Monoids
Existence of Bounded Monotonic Solutions of Second Order Nonlinear Differential Equations
Adapting Shanks' Algorithm to the Diffie-Hellman Semigroup Action Problem
The Montgomery Algorithm
On the Generalized Block Monoid
Monotonic Solutions of Nonlinear Second Order Differential Equations
Uniqueness of Taxicab Circles and Taxicab Ellipses
Tales from the Crypt(ology)


Comprehensive Examination

University of Central Missouri
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Comprehensive Exam Policies and Procedures

1. Comprehensive exam schedules

  • A comprehensive exam sign-up sheet is to be posted outside the department Graduate Coordinator's office at the beginning of each semester and at the beginning of each summer session.
  • The sign-up deadlines for taking the comprehensive exams are September 30th in the fall semester, February 28th in the spring semester, and June 25th in the summer.
  • A student may schedule to take the comprehensive exam(s) over the designated course(s) during or after the semester or summer session in which he or she completes the course(s).
  • The exam dates will be scheduled near the end of each semester or summer session.

2. Comprehensive exam schedules

  • The department Graduate Coordinator is responsible for working with the curriculum steering committee chairs for getting each exam ready.
  • The department Graduate Coordinator is responsible for setting up the dates, time, and place for the comprehensive exams and giving the exams.
  • Each curriculum chair is responsible for having the comprehensive exam graded, deciding whether the student passes it, and reporting the result to the Graduate Coordinator.
  • The department Graduate Coordinator is responsible for informing the student in writing whether he or she passes or fails each exam.

3. Comprehensive exam schedules

  • Students in the mathematics program must take three comprehensive exams, two of which must be 5000 level courses with one in analysis and the other in algebra. The third exam must be in topology.
  • Students in the applied mathematics program must take three comprehensive exams, two of which must be 4000 or 5000 level courses with one in analysis and the other in algebra. The third exam must be a 5000 level course in the applied mathematics program.
  • To meet the department’s comprehensive exam requirement, a student must pass all three exams.
  • If a student fails one or more of the comprehensive exams, he or she may re-take the failed exam(s) no earlier than the next scheduled exam date.
  • If a student fails the comprehensive exam in the same area twice, he or she has failed to meet the comprehensive exam requirement for the department’s MS degree programs. However, he or she may complete the degree requirement by pursuing the thesis option.