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Elliott Union 301
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4342


Alumni Memorial Chapel

The Historic Alumni Memorial Chapel is available for wedding ceremonies and receptionsChapel History
Built in 1956, the University of Central Missouri Alumni Memorial Chapel honors Central students who served, fought and died in WWII and the Korean War in defense of our nation's honor. The Alumni Memorial Chapel was built in grateful recognition of the Fighting for Freedom Honor Roll and is dedicated to the Gold Star Honor Roll. It is a visible symbol of love and admiration for those who honored themselves, their college and their country through service. A special room near the entrance displays the plaques containing the dedication and Honor Rolls.

Through the Memorial Chapel, UCM pays a debt of gratitude to those who gave their services, and in many cases their lives, so that we who remained could continue to enjoy freedom and liberty.

The Alumni Memorial Chapel is a non-denominational spiritual building used as a meeting place for social and religious organizations, military commissioning and religious services including weddings. The basement of the chapel is perfect for receptions.

Providing for a sanctuary that can seat approximately 220 people, the chapel also houses an office, a library and the Danforth Meditation Chapel.

The Danforth Meditation Chapel is a wing connected to the Alumni Memorial Chapel used exclusively for private devotions, group meditations and worship. It is also available for other exercises of religion, marriages and student and faculty funerals. The Danforth Meditation Chapel was made possible by a gift from the late William H. Danforth and the Danforth foundation.


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