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Meeting and Conference Services

Elliott Union 301
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4342


Event Technology Support

UCM has audio, video, lighting and computer equipment to help provide your event with the most up-to-date technology. Our lecture halls come equipped with computers, video projection, sound, page enhancement and whiteboards. Our event support staff is always ready to serve you!

Some of the equipment we use:

Plasma Screen
Our Smaller meeting rooms feature plasma screens to host your presentations. Plasma Screens are great at showing details to small groups of less than 30 people. 

A portable computer that allows you to show digital media videos and PowerPoint presentations. It can be plugged into a data projector to help enlarge whatever project you are working on so everyone in the room can see it. It can also be connected to a sound system to provide audio for video presentations.

Data Projector
Data Projectors are installed in every classroom on campus as well as our large meeting rooms. Each of our Ballrooms includes a state of the art Christie or Sanyo projector. Our meeting and classrooms use Hitachi projectors, most are 2 years old or newer. Each projector uses a VGA input which is the standard monitor connection for laptops and looks like the image below. Users who use a MAC, HDMI, DVI, or any other connector are responsible for bringing your own VGA Converter. Union Station located across from the University Store on the first floor of the union may be able to sell you a converter; we recommend you call them in advance to confirm they have the converter you need. In addition to our installed projectors, we have a limited number of Portable projectors and screens available for spaces that do not have a projector installed.

VGA Connector


Many of our classrooms are equipped with a DVD/VCR Combo player for your convenience. We can also install a DVD player or a DVD/VCR combo player in our meeting rooms and Ballroom for next event! All of our classroom computers and laptops are capable of playing DVD’s.

Our Charno Cinema and 240 Ballroom have the capability of playing a film on Blu-Ray.

Microphones and Ipods
Our Auditoriums and most large meeting rooms are capable of utilizing two microphones while our rooms with a stage are capable of utilizing up to four microphones. Hendricks Hall, 240 Ballroom, Chapel Sanctuary, Athletic facilities, and select rooms in Ward Edwards have additional capabilities. In exchange for a microphone we can also provide a connector to play audio from your laptop or iPod or other MP3 player.

Sound Board (also called Audio Board or Mixer)
An electronic device that allows you to plug in microphones, CD players, DVD players, iPods, computers, or other devices. It enhances sound so that everyone in the room can hear. The sound board is connected to speakers, which actually produce the audible sound.

Amplifier (also called AMP)

This receives a signal, usually from a mixer or other device, and then boosts it so the speakers can have enough signal to produce audible sound. Amplifiers are given a certain wattage and ohm rating that should be matched with the wattage and ohm rating of the speakers in order to prevent damage to amplifier and speakers. 

Devices that are plugged into a mixer, which is connected to an amplifier, which then boosts the signal enough so that it can be heard through the speakers. Sometimes speakers will have a built-in amplifier. Different speakers are used for higher frequencies (tweeters), middle frequencies (woofers) and lower frequencies (subwoofers or subs). For medium or small events, full-range speakers are used to cut down on the number of speakers.

Stands on which you can place speakers, lights or video cameras. Different tripods are used for different equipment. They are used to stabilize the equipment. Usually you can elevate the equipment with a tripod so it is above people's heads.

Portable PA System
Only for use outdoors and in spaces without an installed audio system we have a Portable PA System.


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