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Cannabis Q&A

Most students use it, right?

No, they don't. Most UCM students haven't used cannabis (marijuana) in the past year, and most have never used it.1  Don't use? You're in the majority.


Can I use cannabis (marijuana) on the UCM campus?

No. Cannabis is currently a federally restricted drug.2 UCM receives federal funds to support the work we do, including federal financial aid that students receive to help cover the cost of school. Colleges and universities who receive federal funds are not allowed to permit the use or possession of cannabis (marijuana) or marijuana accessories on campus property3 - that includes parking lots and campus sidewalks. It's also prohibited by Missouri state law4 and a Warrensburg ordinance.5


What if I have a medical marijuana card?

Having a medical marijuana card (or other written permission from a healthcare provider) does not change federal law or UCM's responsibility to follow it. You cannot use cannabis (marijuana) on campus even if you have a medical marijuana card.


What if I think it's safe?

The safest choice is always: don't use.

No matter your opinions about it being safe or natural, cannabis (marijuana) IS a drug. It affects your body and your mind, and not always in predictable ways.

Some ways to be safer:

  • Know what's in it. Do you know who grew it, processed it, packaged it? Do you trust your health to them?
  • THC amounts can vary A LOT from one product to another. Know how much you're using.
  • Don't use synthetics; it's a total guessing game about what's in them.
  • Avoid using other drugs at the same time, which can increase the risk of harm. 
  • Don't use and drive; high driving is impaired driving.
  • Avoid it altogether if you're at risk for mental health problems or are pregnant.
  • Consider slowing down or stopping. Here's a guide to help you take a break from using and here's a site with lots of tools and tips to help you quit.




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