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The Custodial Services section of Facilities Planning and Operations consists of 85 full time custodians and 20 part time custodians: divided between several shifts throughout campus, who are dedicated to cleaning in the residence halls, auxiliary buildings, and academic buildings. Full-time staff is supplemented with student employees. Crews work various shifts as needed to accommodate University operations and activities.

For inquiries please contact, the Service Operations Center (Main Office) for FPO.

Custodial Services are also Contract Administrators of:

Pest Control Services
Trash and Waste Services

We are in the transition of implementing state of the art cleaning equipment that is environmentally friendly and improving efficiencies.



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Our Equipment:

Tersano Lotus

This unit changes H20 into Stabilized Aqueous Ozone H30  - changing tap water into a cleaning chemical that is safe for the user and the environment, reducing waste and no harmful side effects. 

Tersano Lotus


Touchless cleaning to restrooms and locker rooms, resulting in a cleaner space in a fraction of the time.

Kaivac cleaning system

Restroom Cleaning from Kaivac, Inc. on Vimeo.


Tennant IMOP

This revolutionary floor machine will reduce the time to scrub and clean and recoat a floor by ⅔. Reducing the amount of labor and turnaround time.

 Tennant IMOP image

Host Carpet Cleaning

Environmentally safe and compostable material.  Reducing turnaround time by introducing minimal moisture dry extraction method.



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