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About us

We are dedicated to improve the process to maintain the safety and image of all university buildings. Currently we use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that improves efficiency and effectiveness while using chemical-free and environmentally friendly products.

Our team reports broken doorknobs, broken glass, and lights that are out during routine cleaning. In summer, we daily prep whole buildings and dorms for camp use.

Custodial Services

  • Sanitizing all touch points
  • Environmental responders to minor mold and floods
  • Emptying trash/recycling bins
  • Mopping and floor care
  • Cleaning restrooms, classrooms, hallways, offices, public and residential areas
  • Clean Windows
  • Remove snow and treat ice around building entryways as needed  

Custodial Services are also Contract Administrators of:

  • Pest control services
  • Wildlife mitigation
  • Trash and waste services
  • Environmental responders to major mold and floods



How can we help?

For inquiries, please contact the Main Office for FPO.
Phone #: (660) 543-4331

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Certifications and Memberships:


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Procedure and Frequency

For more information, view our Custodian Service Guide

Frequency of Service



  • Empty trash & recycling bins
  • Spot mop & vacuum
  • Clean door handles, light switches, and touch points


  • Wipe down chairs and tables
  • Spot clean windows and glass doors
  • Dusting horizontal surfaces


  • Strip floors
  • Shampoo carpets

Equipment Used

Nilfisk Cleaning product

Nilfisk Liberty SC50 Autonomous Scrubber

This is an autonomous scrubber-dryer that effectively cleans floors in medium to large size environments. It scans a bar code that maps out the cleaning route then calculates the most efficient path to clean the interior space while avoiding obstacles along the way.

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Tersano Lotus image

Tersano Lotus

This unit changes tap water (H2O) into a safe cleaning chemical, Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (H3O).  This benefits both  the user and the environment, reducing waste without harmful side effects. It is hypoallergenic and eliminates up to 98% of the cleaning chemicals used.

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Kaivac image


This tool utilizes a method of touchless cleaning in restrooms and locker rooms, resulting in a cleaner space in a fraction of the time. All bathrooms on campus will be cleaned with this equipment at least once a week.

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Tennant IMOP image

Tennant IMOP

This revolutionary floor machine will reduce the time to scrub, clean, and re-coat a floor by 67 percent.  We are able to prepare areas for your use in less time so we can dedicate our resources to other important tasks!

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Host Carpet Cleaning Products

Host Carpet Cleaning

An environmentally safe and compostable material is used for this process. This  minimal moisture dry extraction method will improve turnaround time.

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Clorox Total 360 cleaning product

Clorox Total 360 System

An electrostatic sprayer that sanitizes and disinfects all surfaces (hallway touch points). It atomizes and negatively charges the solution so it can uniformly coat hard surfaces.

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Trident cleaning product

Trident S1HH by Hillyard

A portable sprayer that delivers disinfection and sanitizing solutions with speed, consistency, and accuracy.

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