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Faculty Fellows


The Honors College Faculty Fellows program aims to support both innovative teaching and scholarly activity across all disciplines at UCM. Specifically, the program looks to develop exceptional teacher-scholars by providing the support, resources, and intellectual environment needed in order for them to flourish. 

In lieu of one of their department courses, fellows teach one 3-credit interdisciplinary colloquium related to their area of expertise that is reserved for honors students (either in fall or spring). These colloquiums represent the highest level of engaged learning. Our fellows are also active in their scholarship or creative work, bringing this advanced level of expertise to their classes. Past colloquium topics have included Psychology of Time, Middle East: Culture & Geopolitics, Women and Crime, Forensic Psychology of Witness ID, Shakespeare and Nature, Harry Truman: His Life & Times, Famous & Infamous Missourians, The Hollywood Film Musical, and many more. Current colloquium topics can be found here.

Fellows are awarded professional development funds (up to $1000) to support their research or creative work. While expenses must follow university guidelines, these funds can be spent in a multitude of ways including the acquisition of supplies, travel-related expenses, and/or fieldwork costs. Fellows then present on the culmination of their work in an Honors College-sponsored event open to the university community. Current talk information will be available soon!

Prospective fellows must submit an application by the end of the first week of Spring semester classes. Given that the fellowship requires a one-course buy out, applications must have the approval of the faculty's department chair and dean. Fellows are then selected by the Honors College Advisory Board. Fellows will also be encouraged to attend the Honors College events throughout the year & at least one hour of student hours/week in Achauer House. Be sure to direct all inquiries to the Director of The Honors College.


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