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Student Forms


Admission Application

This form is for a student’s initial application into The Honors College. 


For students who wish to withdraw from The Honors College,  please email Dr. Tom Goldstein to submit your request.

Substitution Form

This form is for students who wish to request an Honors College requirement substitution for: (1) a general education fine arts course from Knowledge Area I in lieu of 3 foreign language credits,  (2) a UCM-sponsored study abroad course in lieu of 3 foreign language credits (students still need to take one Literature, one Fine Arts, and one additional Literature, Fine Arts or Humanities course), or (3) a UCM-sponsored study abroad course in lieu of HONR 3000. If you are requesting multiple substitutions, you must fill out a form for each request.


Honors Project Submission Forms

These forms all relate to a student’s honors project. An FAQ about the honors project can be found here.

Determination of Research (DOR) Form

If you do not believe your honors project has human or animal subjects, this form is to be submitted before your honors project proposal. You must have the approval email from the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity and attach that email to your honor project proposal.

Human or Animal Subjects

In the event you do have human and animal subjects, a copy of the IRB/IACUC protocol letter from the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity must be attached. Please work with your faculty mentor or Dr. Goldstein to determine which application should be submitted.

Honors Project Proposal

This form is submitted in order to have your honors project approved. It should be received by the Friday of the first week of classes for the semester you would like to register. 

Supplemental Budget Request

This form is for Honors College students who already have an approved honors project on file, but want access to additional funds (up to $1,000 per project).

Honors Project Abstract Form

Honors College students can fill out this form once they have completed their project and their faculty mentor has approved it.

Study Abroad Travel Grant

Study Abroad travel grants are available to any Honors College student in good academic standing, who has been accepted to participate in a university approved, "for credit" academic program outside of the United States. The travel grant request cannot exceed $1000 and is intended to help offset the cost of transportation to and from the host country of study. Students can either make their own travel arrangements (and will be reimbursed upon completion of the program) or have The Honors College book them directly. Only one travel grant per student is allowed and those students who withdraw from The Honors College will have the grant billed back to their university account.  The form can be found here.




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