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Grants and Contracts

External Funding

It is essential that all funds awarded to the University of Central Missouri be categorized in accordance with the laws and rules concerning federal, state, and university regulations to include any and all specific terms and conditions concerning whether the funding is a gift (handled by the UCM Alumni Foundation), a grant, or a contract.  Each item is handled differently and therefore the university must follow the proper processes and mechanisms to manage each external funding option.  The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity will assist UCM personnel in determining which type of funding they are applying for or receiving.

Meaning and Types of External Funding

Sponsored Programs/Projects

The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity assists faculty, staff, and students throughout the life cycle of a grant and/or contract.  A Sponsored Project is the transfer of money or property from a sponsor to an institution for a public purpose that usually requires performance of specific duties. This includes grants, contracts, cooperative agreements and other legally binding means of transfer.  Specific obligations are discussed further below.  Sponsored projects are processed through the Office of Sponsored Programs.


The university responds to a funder’s request for proposal (RFP) and submits an original scope of work, budget, and other funder required documents in compliance with the RFP.  This proposal is competitively reviewed and scored to determine if it is awarded.  If awarded, the university and funding agency enter into a legal agreement.


An agreement between the university and another organization (e.g. foundation, corporation, another university) to provide a service for compensation is considered a contract.  This can be a flat rate or cost reimbursable.  The funding organization typically approaches the university to request the completion of work.  The agreement is legally binding and creates a quid pro quo relationship between the institution and the funding entity.  The performance of the terms of a contract is recognized legally as a duty and obligation.  Breach of this duty or obligation may carry legal sanctions.

Starting a Sponsored Project

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Find Funding

Faculty and Staff may request a profile with custom research/programmatic keywords to receive current and future external funding opportunity announcements.  Announcements may be sent by email daily or weekly, depend on preference.  Additionally, updated keywords or a request to stop email notices may be made.

Find Funds

Students working on a project.

Write Application

Guidelines and information about how to write a successful proposal are outlined.  Additionally, the most common components of a grant application are provided.

Start App

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Get Award

The procedures for how an award is processed through the university are provided here.  This includes the legal process and preliminary steps to setting up an award.

New Award



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