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Google Quarantine Service

Quarantine Reports

1. Quarantine Summaries are sent to your in box at regular intervals (i.e. once a day). Tip: You may wish to set up a rule/filter to send all Quarantine Summaries into a specific folder rather than have them enter your mailbox. Note: You will only receive this report if you have NEW messages in the quarantine at the time the report is generated. You will not receive the report if there are only old messages you did not take action on in the quarantine.

2. The Quarantine Summary will give you a list of messages that were quarantined before they reached your in box

  • If you review the messages and do not want them delivered to your in box, you do not need to take action. By default, messages caught in the quarantine will be removed after 14 days.
  • If you need to view a message prior to choosing an action please click on the subject line to log into Postini. Note: You can also click the Message Center icon to log in.
  • Click on the Deliver hyperlink in the summary to release the message from the quarantine to your mailbox. Note: Messages will remain listed on this quarantine summary even after you have allowed or deleted them.
  • Recently Delivered and Deleted Messages will also be listed on the report.


After logging in to Google Postini Services you can:

  • Deliver messages that have been quarantined after the report was run.
  • Add e-mail addresses to your Allow List.
  • Add e-mail addresses to your Block List.
  • View messages you have already delivered.
  • Change your password.

1. Log in to Postini at You will need to type in your Google user id and your Postini password to log in to the site. Note: You will receive a temporary password for the first log in and will be required to change that password when you log in the first time. Your user name is your e-mail address. (ex.

2. Select messages to take action on.

  • View the message, prior to taking action, by clicking the Subject line of the message.
  • Delete select messages by checking the appropriate message then click Delete Selected.
  • Delete all messages by clicking Delete All.
  • Choose to deliver messages from the quarantine to your mailbox by clicking Deliver for the appropriate message.

3. While viewing any message you can:

  • Deliver to Inbox
  • Move to Trash
  • Show Headers (if you need additional information regarding the origin of the message)
  • Review Why Was This Message Quarantined? Note: You cannot view attachments in the quarantine

4. Click on My Settings to add/remove e-mail addresses from your Allow and Block Senders list.

5. Click on Block Senders to add/remove e-mail addresses.

  • E-mail from addresses on the Block Senders list will not be received in your in box.
  • To remove e-mail addresses from the Block Senders list, highlight the address you wish to delete and press the delete key.
  • To add e-mail addresses to the Block Senders list, type the e-mail address in the open field and click Update Blocked Senders.

Important: E-mail addresses listed on both the Block and Allow Senders lists WILL be delivered to your in box If you find you are getting mail from an address on your Block Senders list, check the

Allowed Senders list to be sure the address is not also listed there. If the address is listed, delete the address from the Allowed Senders list.


6. Click on Allow Senders to add/remove e-mail addresses.

  • E-mail from addresses on the Allow Senders list will be received in your inbox.
  • To remove e-mail addresses from the Allow Senders list, highlight the address you wish to delete and press the delete key.
  • To add e-mail addresses to the Allow Senders list, type the e-mail address in the open field and click Update Approved Senders.

Additional notes:

  • If a message is released by accident copy the email address from the message and paste it into the Block Senders list in Google Postini Services.
  • If a message is deleted by accident it is not recoverable. Carefully check your selections prior to clicking on Move to Trash. Also, be sure to delete the email address from the Block Senders list.
  • It is best to add or block email addresses rather than domains to be sure you are not adding or blocking messages you may wish to receive.
  • Postini offers an interactive FAQ at
  • For additional questions/assistance contact the Technology Support Center at 660-543-4357.