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November 2017


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  A great place to keep track of what is going on at UCM is through our university calendar found at  A few of the many important dates for the fall semester include the following:
November 1 All students have access to Spring enrollment
November 17 Residence halls clase at 6 p.m. for Fall Break
November 20-24 Classes dismissed for Fall Break (Offices closed Nov. 22-24)
November 26 Residence halls reopen at noon
December 1 Last day of classes for Fall 2017 semester
December 1 MoCents opens for Fall 2018-2019 scholarship year
December 4-8 Final Exams
December 8 Residence halls close at 6 p.m., and will reopen January 7 at noon
December 8-9 Commencement, see the Schedule (Undergraduate and Graduate)
    Additional information regarding payment and registration dates can be found on MyCentral.




Do you have trouble remembering all of those campus dates and deadlines? Add "UCM MoInfo" to the Facebook pages that you "like" and you will receive updates from the Office of the Registrar. These announcements will include information regarding course enrollment, graduation, refund dates and other important deadlines. The Registrar's Office also tweets. Check out their Twitter account at "UCMRegistrar". If your student receives campus announcements via text, encourage them to join the 'UCM Registrar' message group.



Mondays and Thursdays (same content both days)

3:00-4:30 p.m.- Rec Center Classroom

  • November 2: Perfectionism and Procrastination

  • Novemeber 6 & 9: Mondfulness

  • November 13 & 16: Healthier Thinking Habits

  • November 27 & 30: Stress Management and Self-Care


What's happening with students during November
  • They may get sick as the change in weather brings on cold and flu season.
  • They are beginning to realize that the term is almost over.
  • Procrastinators may panic as they face the consequences of falling behind in coursework.
  • Students begin to register for spring semester classes.
  • Students may have concerns about going home for Thanksgiving, especially if the student has changed dramatically since the last time they saw their parents.


What parents can do:

  • Be supportive and encouraging.
  • Send care packages. Remember to include tissues, cough drops, and anything needed to keep warm and dry as winter approaches.
  • Be available to listen to concerns when contacted, but don't worry if your student doesn't call/write/e-mail as often as you would like.
  • Encourage your student to see an academic advisor before registering for classes and to make appointments early to avoid complications. By seeing an academic advisor, students can stay on track when it comes to progress towards graduation.



Building Partnerships, UCM Group Welcomed to Nepal’s Largest University


A travel mission designed to promote opportunities for international students and to develop new partnerships benefiting students at the University of Central Missouri, President Charles Ambrose and a small group of UCM faculty and staff were welcomed to the largest university in Nepal.


Under Ambrose's leadership, the university group met with institute heads and the vice chancellor's senior staff at Tribhuvan University in Nepal. Their visit was part of ongoing efforts to build strong relationships with overseas education partners. The group began its trek overseas in India, where it met with alumni and friends of the university and attended recruitment events in Hyderabad, including a college fair. The group completed its travels following a visit to Saudi Arabia.


University of Central Missouri President Charles Ambrose, standing left, is
welcomed to Tribhuvan University of Nepal by the university’s vice chancellor,
Professor Tirth Raj Khaniya, as part of a visit with other UCM faculty and staff.


Founded in 1959, Tribhuvan is located in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, and has the primary public mission of an affordable education delivered across all of Nepal, with a special emphasis in rural regions, according to Ambrose. Serving 360,254 students out of 432,305 students nationally, Tribhuvan has five institutes and 60 constituent campuses across the country. It employs approximately 16,000 people – 7,920 faculty members and 8,094 staff.


UCM currently has 20 students from Nepal, a number the university hopes to grow through efforts that have included face-to-face conversations and other opportunities at Tribhuvan. A UCM college fair also was on the agenda in Nepal.


The UCM group traveled to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to participate in more recruitment activities, meet with its UCM alumni and friends from that region, and to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with one of that nation’s industries to establish a partnership for providing career training, other various educational opportunities, and collaborative research. Efforts are consistent with the university’s Learning to a Greater Degree strategic position, which promises students an education that offers a worldly perspective, future-focused academics, engaged learning and a culture of service. Read more.


Five UCM Graduates Received Highest Alumni Honor During 2017 Homecoming


Five special awards honoring outstanding University of Central Missouri alumni who have excelled in their careers and in service to others were presented during the annual Distinguished Alumni Dinner Friday, Oct. 13 in the ballroom of the Elliott Student Union. Part of UCM’s 2017 Homecoming celebration, the event began with a reception followed by a dinner.

During the recognition ceremony, Barry Davis, Class of 1981, and Major General Karen LeDoux, Class of 1983, received Distinguished Alumni Awards; Rob Ruth, Class of 1975, was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award for Service; and Chang Bin Yim, Class of 1963, received the Distinguished International Alumni Award.  LaTanya Buck, Classes of 2002 and 2004, received the Early Achievers Award.


Barry Davis

Maj. Gen. Karen LeDoux

Bob Ruth

Chang Bin Yim

LaTanya Buck

The UCM Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest honor bestowed upon alumni, and is presented in recognition of those who are considered the “brightest and most distinguished” in their fields. The Distinguished Alumni Award for Service honors individuals who have given generously of their time, talent and resources to enhance the university, their community or both, and are a true inspiration to alumni. Recipients of the Distinguished International Alumni Award graduated from UCM as international students, and are individuals who achieved professional distinction, either nationally or internationally, and exemplify the strength of their education at UCM. Formerly known as the Outstanding Recent Alumni Award, the Early Achievers Award recognizes UCM alumni who achieve early success and must be 40 years of age or younger at the time the award is received. Read more.


Missouri National Guard Teams with UCM on Training, Creating a Cyber Hub


Working with the military to address a need for well-trained technology professionals and citizen soldiers, the University of Central Missouri and the Missouri National Guard have signed a joint agreement that includes collaboration on cybersecurity curriculum, officer education, and development of future cyber technicians.


A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed Oct. 2 by University of Central Missouri President Charles Ambrose, left, and Major General Stephen L. Danner, the adjutant general of the Missouri National Guard, calling for joint collaboration on cybersecurity curriculum, officer education, development of future cyber technicians, and a cyber hub at The Missouri Innovation Campus in Lee’s Summit.

  The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed Oct. 2 by UCM President Charles Ambrose and Major General Stephen L. Danner, the adjutant general of the Missouri National Guard. Both leaders, along with other representatives of UCM and the Guard, announced this initiative at The Missouri Innovation Campus (MIC) in Lee’s Summit, the new home for UCM’s educational offerings in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  

The MOU allows the university to cooperate with the Missouri National Guard to establish a future cyber hub at The MIC, taking advantage of technological resources that currently make possible the delivery of UCM’s undergraduate and graduate degrees in cybersecurity, and technology resources available at the MIC building. This facility opened this fall, and is a joint initiative of UCM and the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District. It places high school and college students under one roof, and has a focus that includes accelerating the time to degree completion, providing experiential learning in cooperation with Kansas City corporations, and graduating students with little or no debt.

Following the MOU signing, a cybersecurity presentation by Anshuman Singh, assistant professor of computer science and coordinator of the academic cybersecurity program at UCM. Singh said the Missouri National Guard has an important role in protecting the state’s infrastructure and assets, and earning a degree from UCM will make the men and women who serve in the Guard better prepared to help protect Missouri’s cyber infrastructure.  He stressed that having a facility such as The MIC is important in meeting this goal, not only for the benefit of the Missouri National Guard but in serving similar needs among businesses in the Kansas City area. Read more.


To track the latest news and events at UCM link to



Enrollment for the spring 2018 semester has begun! Each student is assigned an enrollment access date ( enroll.cfm), based on their earned hours. Enrollment access dates began on October 16. Beginning November 1, all students have access to enrollment for spring 2018. To ensure the best selection of courses, students are strongly encouraged to complete their enrollment as soon as possible if they have not already done so.

The spring 2018 course offerings are available online. Students can view them by logging into MyCentral. They are also available to the public at BANP/bwckschd.p_disp_dyn_sched . Students who would like assistance with choosing spring classes should plan to meet with their academic advisor as soon as possible. Under the UCM Contract for Completion, students are recommended to visit their Academic Advisor at least once each semester.

All students have received an e-mail and an announcement in MyCentral regarding spring enrollment. This notification also warned students if there are any holds on their account that will prevent enrollment (financial holds, advising holds, etc.). If a student has a hold of any type that is preventing them from registering, they have been notified and asked to take action to resolve the hold so they can register.

Our goal is to have 90% or more of all currently enrolled students return in the spring.


Now that spring enrollment has begun, some students are just now realizing that they have a hold on their account due to their bill not being current. This can be caused by having unfinished financial aid processes or not being current on your payment plan. We don’t want these kinds of issues to have a negative impact on any student’s academic success. If you are experiencing financial difficulties or your student does not understand what they need to do to finalize their aid, please encourage your student to stop by our office (1100 Ward Edwards Bldg.), call (660- 543-8266) or email us at sfs-inquiry-system/. We will be glad to assist in any way we can to help you and your student navigate the financial aid process.


The FAFSA for the 2018-19 school year is now available!  This is the time to get it completed so you can enjoy the holidays with your families.  Remember, the 2018-19 FAFSA requires using information from the 2016 tax forms and we highly recommend that you utilize the IRS data retrieval tool within the FAFSA application. This allows for students to use accurate data and meet priority deadlines well in advance.



IRS regulations require universities to report qualified tuition and related expenses and provide information to each student on a 1098-T form. In order to comply with IRS regulations, the University of Central Missouri is required to obtain the social security number of each enrolled student. Earlier this term letters were mailed to students who did not have their social security number on file with UCM. An IRS Form W-9S was included with instructions to complete the form and return it to the UCM Student Financial Services, P.O. Box 800, Ward Edwards Bldg. Room 1100, Warrensburg, MO 64093. If your student received the letter and form, and it has not been returned, please plan to have the completed W-9S mailed by December 10, 2017.

The 1098-T form for 2017 will be mailed to the home address on file no later than January 31, 2018.


Students interested in residing in an on campus apartment for the 2018-2019 academic year will be able to start applying on December 1 via MyCentral.  Students will go on a waiting list.  In spring the existing apartment residents will reapply for housing and then new applicants will be assigned based on their placement on the waiting list.  Please encourage your student to apply early!

Students wishing to apply for a residence hall space for next year may also complete a Residence Hall Agreement for next year via MyCentral.  This agreement is available now.  Students currently residing on campus will be able to choose their own residence hall bed space on line for next year via our reapplication process.  Information will be emailed to students as it gets closer.

As a reminder, the UCM Board of Governors has a two year on campus residency and meal plan requirement for students less than junior status or under the age of 21.


University classes will be held through the end of the day Friday, November 17, 2017. The residence halls will close at 6 p.m. on that date. Those students who have a long travel time and have late afternoon/evening classes that wish to stay later than 6 p.m. need to make arrangements with University Housing (660-543-4515). The residence halls will reopen on Sunday, November 26, at noon.

Your child may be returning home for an extended stay for the first time since moving to college. Adjusting to college life that first semester can be challenging and has established a new sense of independence. This opportunity of expanded independence was most likely very daunting at first, but students become accustomed to playing by their own rules, setting their own schedule and picking their own friends. When your child returns home for a long stay, this may be a good opportunity to discuss the current “house rules” and expectations so everyone is on the same playing field, and it may just prevent some holiday tension.



Students are encouraged to begin their search for internships relatively early, depending on the internship that interests them. Some highly selective internships have deadlines as early as the first of October for the following summer, but most freshmen and sophomores are able to find an internship or summer job if they begin their search in January or February. While it is ideal for students to start their search for summer opportunities early, the Career Services Center will work with students to help them strategize for a search at any time throughout the year.

Students can schedule an appointment with their Career Development Coordinator by calling the Career Services Center at 660-543-4985.



Most of our students arrive on campus without ever having had to share a room with someone. Learning to get along with others and be appropriately assertive is an important part of the college experience. Here are a few suggestions of how you can assist your son/daughter, should a roommate conflict arise:
Help your son/daughter understand their needs and expectations regarding their living environment and how they can communicate these to a new roommate, as well as listen to the roommate’s needs and expectations.
As much as you may want to step-in, your role needs to be to listen and support. Encourage your child to talk with their roommate to work out an agreement for the room. If necessary, your child can also ask building staff to assist them with this discussion.
Although it is not the norm, some roommate situations cannot be worked out. It is important to involve the Housing staff in these discussions to make sure all avenues have been explored to reach an agreement. If all else fails, both roommates may possibly be asked to move.


The UCM Counseling Center can provide assistance on how to help a person who may be suicidal.  The suicide prevention training program “Ask-Listen-Refer” can be found at: This program is designed to help faculty, staff, parents, and students:
Identify someone at risk for suicide
Recognize the risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs of suicide
Respond to and get help for some at risk
Resources available include:  National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK and the UCM Counseling Center at 660-543-4060 or


The University of Central Missouri believes strongly in the development of an international perspective among its students and faculty. We strive to provide individuals with a variety of international opportunities, helping them develop clear insights into the increasing interdependence of today's world. Our goal is to promote an understanding of how differences among nations, cultures, races and languages influence our perceptions of world issues and events.

One of the most exciting educational experiences offered at the University of Central Missouri is the opportunity for students to spend time studying abroad. In addition to personal and academic growth, the study abroad experience also has a positive impact on future employment opportunities. We recognize that the 21st Century economy will be that of a global economy, and that the student with the personal experience of interacting with other cultures will have significant advantages in the workplace.

For more information on benefits, cost, scholarships and locations available visit

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