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May 2018


Dear Parents,


As the Spring semester comes to a close, I would like to congratulate our graduates. Commencement from a program of higher education is a significant life achievement for both students and parents. We know the college degree is more valuable than ever. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that individuals holding a bachelor's degree can earn over $24,000 more per year of income than those with only a high school diploma ( We Welcome our newest alumni from the Class of 2018 as they head out for new jobs, internships, and further education!

Karen Goos, Ed.D

Interim Vice Provost

Enrollment Management


UCM graduates also serve as models of success for our undergraduates who continue to strive toward their personal and educational goals. The University of Central Missouri is dedicated and continues to demonstrate their commitment to student success. We will continue to work toward creating positive experiences and providing the support your student needs to reach their goals.


We can't wait to see you and your student back in the fall.

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Previous Editions
  A great place to keep track of what is going on at UCM is through our university calendar found at  A few of the many important dates for the spring semester include the following:
April 30-May 4 Final Exams (see the schedule)
April 30-May 4 Textbook buybacks and rental returns
May 4 Residence halls close 6 p.m.
May 4-5 Commencement Ceremonies
May 9 Spring Semester final grades posted online
May 14 Summer Sessions begin
August 13 Fall Semester begins
Additional information regarding payment and registration dates can be found on MyCentral.


Do you have trouble remembering all of those campus dates and deadlines? Add "UCM MoInfo" to the Facebook pages you "like" and you will receive updates from the Office of the Registrar. These announcements will include regarding course enrollment, graduation, refund dates, and other important deadlines. The Registrar's Office also tweets. Check out their Twitter account at "UCMRegistrar". If you student receives campus announcements via text, encourage them to join the 'UCM Registrar' message group.
What's happening with students:
  • Stress levels are high as papers and projects are due and students take final exams.
  • They must plan for moving out of their current residence hall.
  • For some, leaving their college friends for the summer will be the biggest concern of all.
  • Students who return home may have anxiety about losing their independence, as well as concerns about adjusting to life under their parents' roofs again.
  • Financial aid awarding for continuing students begins.
  • Grades will be posted to MyCentral by the end of this month.

What parents can do:

  • Discussing your expectations for your students's behavior, roles, rules, and responsibilities during the summer months if he is moving home.
  • Respect and appreciate the independent, self-reliant, mature person who has returned home, even if she seems nothing like the freshman you dropped off last fall.
  • Use this summer to openly communicate with your student as an adult, and to discover and appreciate the intellectual growth that he has developed in the past few months.
  • Talk to your student about expectations for saving money over the summer for next school year.


Parent Satisfaction Survey: The UCM Parent Experience


Parents, please click here to complete a short survey about academic support services at UCM, which should take 5-6 minutes to complete. This survey will help us better understand your child's experience using academic support services (any service meant to assist learning and performance in their classes), as we work to enhance those services over the next year.



To accommodate an increasing number of new graduates and to provide a quality celebration experience, the University of Central Missouri will utilize a commencement format for Spring 2018 which includes five separate ceremonies:


Date Time Activity Area*
Friday, May 4
2:30 p.m. Graduate College of Health, Science, and Technology
6:00 p.m. Undergraduate College of Health, Science, and Technology


Date Time Activity Area*
Saturday, May 5
9:00 a.m. Graduate and Undergraduate College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; General Studies
12:00 p.m. Graduate and Undergraduate College of Education; Thrive
3:00 p.m. Graduate and Undergraduate Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies

*Not all BSE Programs are in the College of Education.

*Students pursuing an Individualized Major (not General Studies) should attend the ceremony with the college associated with their Individualized Major.


A complete schedule of commencement activities is available online at  Anyone who has specific questions or needs more information can visit the Office of the Registrar in Ward Edwards 1000, call 660-543-4914, or email


We're So Proud...

UCM 2018 Charno Awards, recognition for outstanding male and female members of the graduating class.
Recipients: Sydney Montague, political science and international studies major; and Dalton Pittenger, speech and theatre education major.
Read more:

UCM 2018 Byler Award, recognition for distinguished faculty performance, evidenced by teaching, scholarly or creative activity and professional-related service, and the top honor presented annually to a UCM faculty member.
Recipient: Dr. Dennis Docheff, professor in the Department of Nutrition and Kinesiology.
Read more:

Missouri Governor's Award for Excellence in Education, recognition for effective teaching at the undergraduate level, effective advising of undergraduate students, service to the college community, and commitment to high standards of excellence.

Recipient: Dr. Matthew J. Garver, assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition and Kinesiology.

Read more:

UCM's Annual Outstanding Academic Advisor of the Year 2018

Recipients: Colene McWilliams, professional advisor in the College of Education; and Dr. Starlynn Nance, faculty advisor for students seeking a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, Social Studies major.

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With summer close at hand, it's time think about the Fall 2018 semester by enrolling for classes. Fall registration is currently open for students who have not yet registered. Approximately 70% of the first-year class has registered for next fall. We encourage students to register for classes prior to departing for the summer in order to ensure an appropriate mix and amount of classes. Fall move-in day for returning students is Sunday, August 12 from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., in time for classes to begin Monday, August 13. New students who have signed up for the Freshman Kickoff will move in on Thursday, August 9 from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. For more information, visit the Academic Calendar on our website.

Grades for the Spring 2018 semester will be available on the MyCentral Portal beginning May 9th. Spring semester probation, suspension and dismissal notification will be sent electronically to students' UCMO email accounts. If your student finds themselves on academic probation, please have them contact their academic advisor for assistance in developing an academic recovery plan designed to get them back in good standing academically at the university. If they have been suspended, Central Missouri policy indicates the student will be suspended for one semester (summer not included). Again, the academic advisor can provide information regarding steps the student can take to regain good standing at the university. If they have been dismissed, dismissal is for the period of one calendar year.


Reinstatement after suspension and dismissal is not automatic or guaranteed. Learn more at


Parents, the Student Financial Aid Office will be sending messages out to students during the Summer Break for a variety of reasons. The office will send a reminder if a student's financial aid file is not complete or, more importantly, if he/she has been placed on financial aid suspension (Satisfactory Academic Progress, or SAP). Students can be placed on suspension for three reasons: they are not completing 66.67% of the credits they are attempting, they have too many credits (over 180) and still do not have a degree, or their cumulative GPA is below a 2.0. We will be notifying students of this status over the Summer if they fall into one of these categories and will include instructions on how they can appeal. There is a deadline for appeal-- the first day of classes for the Fall semester-- so we def in it ley DO NOT want students to find out in August that they are on financial aid suspension. Please make sure you son/daughter is checking their UCM email regularly through the Summer!


The Federal Work Study (FWS) program is a type of financial aid that provides part-time employment to students who need assistance meeting their costs of postsecondary education. Because it is employment, the student receives a paycheck just like they would in any job, and is free to use those funds for any living or education expense he/she has while attending college. The only difference is that the funding for the student's pay is coming directly from the Federal Government than the University of Central Missouri. For that reason, FWS students are preferred by cash-strapped departments.


For a student to be eligible for FWS, he/she must meet the following criteria:


  1. Must be enrolled full time
  2. Have a FAFSA received date of April 15, 2018 or earlier
  3. Have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) between 0 and 7000
  4. Cannot be living with parent
  5. Indicated "Yes" or "Don't Know" on the FAFSA when asked about Work Study
  6. Not receiving VA Benefits
  7. Must have Unmet Need after EFC and all other aid is considered


If a student has met all of the above criteria, the financial aid office automatically awards Federal Work Study and notifies the student through the award letter.


We appreciate your continued level of involvement and support of your student and hope the newsletter provided you with information that helped you during the course of the year. If you have comments or suggestions, please send them to We continue to look for new and better ways to communicate with parents and your feedback is particularly helpful as we review and improve the newsletter for next year.

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