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December 2016


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    A great place to keep track of what is going on at UCM is through our university calendar found at  A few of the many important dates for the fall and spring semester include the following:

December 5-9 Finals week
December 5-9
Textbook buyback/rental returns at the east side, lower level courts in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (hours are 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.)
December 9 Residence halls close at 6 p.m. and reopen January 8 at noon
December 9-10 Commencement, see the Graduate and Undergraduate Commencement Schedule
December 14 Fall grades posted online
December 16 Summer 2017 schedule available for viewing online
December 22-January 2 University offices closed
January 8 Residence halls open, noon
January 9 Spring semester classes begin
January 13 Last day to change a meal plan for spring semester
January 16 Classes dismissed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
    Additional information regarding payment and registration dates can be found on MyCentral.



Do you have trouble remembering all of those campus dates and deadlines? Add "UCM MoInfo" to the Facebook pages that you "like" and you will receive updates from the Office of the Registrar. These announcements will include information regarding course enrollment, graduation, refund dates and other important deadlines. The Registrar's Office also tweets. Check out their Twitter account at "UCM Registrar."



UCM Department of Music Receives Steinway Pianos

The University of Central Missouri Department of Music recently celebrated the arrival of 13 Steinway pianos, continuing its commitment to making the finest instruments available to its students and reinforcing UCM's designation as an All-Steinway School.

Mia Hynes, professor of piano pedagogy, prepares to rehearse on the Steinway concert grand recently delivered to Hart Recital Hall at UCM.

The most recent purchase of the new pianos completes the strategic acquisition of Steinway and Boston pianos, bringing the total number of Steinway and Boston pianos in use by the Department of Music to 64. This includes a second Steinway concert grand for use in Hart Recital hall and three small Steinway grand pianos for instructional use. The remainder of the pianos are designed and marketed by Steinway under the Boston brand, and will be used for instruction. The acquisition includes the trade of 12 pianos that have been used for instruction and performance.


“We initially purchased 26 Boston rehearsal pianos in January 2006, followed by a second purchase of 22 pianos in December 2006 that included a Steinway concert grand and three smaller Steinway grand pianos, earning UCM the designation as an All-Steinway School,” said Mia Hynes, professor of piano pedagogy.


With this acquisition, we have now reached a longtime goal of the Department of Music and the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences of making 100 percent of our pianos either Steinway or Boston. We have fulfilled a commitment we made to our students to provide them with the best quality pianos possible.”

The new nine-foot Steinway concert grand piano joins the first Steinway concert grand purchased in December 2006 onstage in Hart Recital Hall. Each purchase included the trade-in of currently owned pianos.

According to Harry Reed of Schmitt Music Company, Kansas City, who arranged the purchase for the university, UCM is one of only 176 schools worldwide to earn the All-Steinway School designation.

“All-Steinway schools are renowned for their commitment to providing the best for their students,” he said. “There are only three schools in Missouri in addition to UCM with the All-Steinway School designation.”

“This is magnificent,” Hynes said. “I’m the envy of my colleagues when I tell them UCM is an All-Steinway School. They want to know how we made it possible, and I tell them with the help of a very supportive administration that believes in the providing the best for students.”

“The quality of instruction in the UCM Department of Music is well known among our peers in higher education,” said Scott Lubaroff, department chair. “It is rewarding to know that our students will benefit from this kind of commitment to excellence as they pursue their degrees.”



Celebrating the delivery of the second Steinway concert grand piano for the Hart Recital Hall stage are, left to right, Michael Sekelsky, associate dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Gersham Nelson, dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Mia Hynes, professor of piano pedagogy; Deborah Curtis, provost and chief learning officer; Jon Hynes, instructor of applied piano; and Scott Lubaroff, chair of the Department of Music.

“UCM has long established a tradition of excellence in Music and the Arts, so our All-Steinway School designation merely underscores our determination to be among the very best,” said Gersham Nelson, dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. “It is important that music students recognize, even before arriving on campus, that they are expected to compete and excel at the highest levels.”

For more information about the UCM Department of Music degree programs and public performances, visit or call 660-543-4530.

To track the latest news and exciting events at UCM link to


Residence halls at UCM will close for the Winter Holidays on Friday, December 9th at 6:00 p.m. They will re-open on Sunday, January 8th at noon.

In preparation for University break here are 10 important things for your student to do:

What do they pack and bring home???

They should bring home appropriate clothing for the time and weather. Also remind them they can do laundry at home just like at school so they don’t need the whole closet to come home at break.

It is encouraged at semester break to bring home their computer so they have access at home to all their correspondence. If you have any concerns regarding valuables it would be best that they travel home with your student.

It is wise to have students do some early spring cleaning at semester break. They should bring home clothing or other items that they know they will not need or use for the spring. It makes moving out in May much lighter and easier. Spring Break is an excellent time if they are coming home to bring winter clothes home.


Please encourage your student to complete an online evaluation form for each course in which they are currently enrolled. These evaluations provide helpful information for the improvement of teaching and learning within the course, and could be used for administrative decisions. The instructor will receive results from this evaluation only after final grades have been submitted. Students are encouraged to answer all of the questions, responding thoughtfully and honestly. Course evaluation forms can be accessed and completed online through MyCentral.


Semester grades will be available for students to review on-line beginning December 14, 2016. Students in academic jeopardy (probation/suspension/dismissal) will be notified through MyCentral and their UCMO email account.


Many college students work hard but eventually run into one or more courses that give them trouble for any number of reasons. Should you find that your student didn’t earn the grades that he/she (or you) was hoping for, help your student connect with the academic resources available to assist them during the spring semester:

If your son or daughter has had difficulty with one or more courses or if he or she would like to turn C’s to B’s and B’s to A’s, there is help available. At UCM, your student’s success is our top priority. Contact the Learning Commons at 660-543-8972 or 660-543-8310.


If your student struggled with studying regularly in the fall or is anxious about a difficult course coming up in spring, UCM’s newly revamped Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program is a great option. SI provides structured learning and study groups multiple times each week for historically difficult courses. Called SI sessions, these groups are led by SI Leaders, trained students who have already passed the difficult course and work closely with faculty. Students who attend SI regularly often earn higher scores on tests and overall higher grades in classes.

Students should check their syllabus and listen to their instructor to find out when SI is offered for their specific class section.


Is your student looking to apply for scholarships for the upcoming year? MoCents registration is right around the corner! MoCents is an online scholarship application that is available to all UCM students. No matter what the age, GPA, or major, there is a potential scholarship for all students on MoCents. Registering only takes five minutes, and the simple online application makes MoCents easily accessible. Over 1.2 million dollars were awarded in scholarships last year, and the rate continues to grow! Encourage your UCM student to apply. MoCents applications will be available beginning December 1 and closing March 1 for most scholarship opportunities. Students create their application at

Please see below a few important pieces of information to be eligible to start the application:

  1. Students must have been fully admitted to UCM before they can apply.
  2. Students need to have an electronic copy of their most recent and complete transcript ready to attach. (If they are a high school senior, this would include their 7th semester grades.) If a student is a transfer or current UCM student it will include the Fall 16' grades in the complete transcript. Current UCM students or high school students taking dual credit through UCM will use their UCM student email address to sign up for the first time or if previously in the system to sign in. Incoming freshmen students will need to register with the email address they applied with. If you are unclear as to what email address that is, you can contact admissions to determine what your preferred email is in our UCM system.
  3. Please be sure that you encourage your student to take the time to fill out the activities section of the application.
  4. For instructions in filling out the application see the following link:


No, not at all! Federal grant and low-interest loan funding may still be available to help your family with the costs incurred by your student to attend the University of Central Missouri during the upcoming 2017 spring term. If you’ve not yet done so already, you and your student should complete and submit the 2016-17 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on-line at FAFSA results are sent directly to UCM and we will review and award any federal grants and/or loans that the student is eligible for based on their grade level and financial need. For more details about the financial aid application process, please see the information and useful links located at



A paper statement is sent at the beginning of each semester. This is the only paper statement that students will receive for the spring semester. Monthly statements are available in the online bill and payment system. Students can access the online bill system by clicking on the "student services" tab and navigating to the "view and pay my bill" link.


If full payment for the Spring 2017 semester is not paid in full by January 20, 2017, the student will automatically be set up on a payment plan. The account balance due will be divided into equal installments due on the 15th of each month through May. There will be a 1.5% fee added to the account each month.

Payment Methods:


If students are mailing their payment, they should plan to have their payment mailed in time to reach us by the due date. Our mailing address is:

  Student Financial Services
Ward Edwards Bldg. Room 1100
University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, MO 64093
We accept payment online using checking/savings account information or debit card. Please keep in mind that not all card issuing banks participate in pin less debit. If a debit transaction is not approved, please try the web check option to pay directly from your checking account. There are no additional fees assessed to use debit or web check payments.
Trying to pay by credit card? We accept Master Card, Discover and American Express payments online only. Please be aware that there is an additional fee of 2.75% assessed by a third party processor if you choose to use this method of payment.


Need a payment plan? Students can pay their account using our monthly installment option. Their account balance can be divided into equal installments over the semester. There will be a 1.5% fee added to the account each month. More information about the monthly installment plan can be found at


The Enrollment Validation Policy takes place every semester. It impacts both undergraduate and graduate level students/classes. It applies to all full semester classes (16 week classes), all regularly scheduled first-half and second-half classes (8 week classes), and each of the five summer sessions. It applies to face-to-face, online, and hybrid classes.

The purposes of the enrollment validation policy (EVP) are:


The majority of thefts on campus can be described as "opportunity thefts". To avoid becoming a victim, do not leave items of value unattended in public areas or in plain view in your vehicle. Always lock the door to your room or apartment and report any suspicious activity or person to police. For further crime prevention information, visit

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